By Ruben Bolling

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Published 10:20 am Wed, Jun 13, 2012

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19 Responses to “TOM THE DANCING BUG: The Passive Aggressor Enters His CITADEL OF SOLITUDE!”

  1. Jeb Adams says:

    So perfect. Might need a bit more audible sighing. I wouldn’t go so far as to “harrumph.”

  2. blueelm says:

    Oh Wow! This strikes that perfect balance of painful and funny!

  3. Jorpho says:

    It’s a mite unrealistic.  This is a happy ending: a practical explanation is provided and a lesson is learned.

    In reality, Louis would never quite understand why he wasn’t invited.  The mystery would sit somewhere in his mind, gnawing at him with the passage of years and adding a bitter edge to his every interpersonal relationship that followed.

    • SomeGuyNamedMark says:

       I actually had the reverse happen.  It was for a concert.  I told him “I didn’t think you liked that group?”  So now I’ll invite him to everything whether he likes it or not.

    • wysinwyg says:


    • blueelm says:

      Hmmm… I’ve found it different. After stewing and feeling left out I found out years later that people thought I was aloof and that I was unapproachable so they just figured I didn’t like them. Oops. Turns out after I got over feeling sorry for myself, all that time I was the asshole :/ Oh well, growing up is fun!

    • T Bramblett says:

      I think as he realizes what he is doing, the true passive aggressor comes to enjoy it more. It’s like the pleasure of picking at a sore spot, the masochistic luxuriation in dark fantasies of revenge and the sick enjoyment of humiliation.

      Why, one would almost think I had felt this way myself, so keen is my objective analysis :)

  4. Daneel says:

    On the plus side, he gets to avoid wasting his money on crap like MiB3.

    I’d like to know why he wears four socks, though.

    • millie fink says:

      Are you sure all four are in the vicinity of his bed because he’s been wearing them?

      (Put THAT in your sock and stroke it!)

  5. Mitchell Glaser says:

    I liked MiB3. But I went alone.

  6. chris jimson says:

    I get the impression the artist is exorcising personal demons from his past with these comics.

  7. Christopher says:

    I had no idea that there were brief periods in middle school when I was actually a superhero.

    Up until now whenever I would look back on those times I’d just think, wow, what an asshole I was…

  8. poeducker says:

    Actually, I think it is a comment on his treatment at Daily Kos  over last weeks comic, Lil’ Barack.  45 posters gave him thumbs up & 62 gave him thumbs down (which may be a problem; if you get too many thumbs down, the autoban takes hold.)

  9. benher says:

    (I can tell this comic was written about me)