Film soaked in hydrochloric acid

MattAttackPro is a chemistry and physics teacher in South Carolina. This is what happened when he dropped a roll of unused camera film into a container of hydrochloric acid.

What you're seeing is the plastic backing separating from the "film" from which film takes its name—a coating of multiple layers of light-sensitive salts suspended in gelatin. Yes, film is like a jello salad. And it makes for a beautiful photograph.

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    1.  Most camera shops, or some drug stores or supermarkets. It is still sold in a lot of places.

      1. I have a very very large refrigerator, 10% drink, 5% food, 85% film. Just in case there is a shortage…… (job lot of good film is a hard purchase not to make).

  1. “Yes, film is like a jello salad”

    Giving Grant Achatz, Ferran Adria, etc., more wild ideas…

  2. Yay! Who *doesn’t* like playing with laboratory chemicals?

    I got a nice result with red cabbage and concentrated sulphuric acid.
    Not even kidding…

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