Here are some pictures of a giraffe swimming in a pool

Ah, the infinite surreal comedic potential of a giraffe in a swimming pool

There she was. Long legs, long neck and all she wanted to do was swim. ( (via Super Punch)


  1. I’m going to guess, since they don’t make swim diapers in Giraffe sizes, that that pool is going to need a couple of rounds of shock treatment.

      1. Ah yes, that’s Fairfax Station to Axtley.  The next bus should be around in fifteen minutes.  Two streets down on your left.

  2. Am I the only one who is concerned for that poor things legs once it decides that all it wants to do is exit some backyard pool?  I mean they shoot horses don’t they?  

  3. Now I have a sad that Darren’s original giraffe-swimming post was lost when Tetrapod Zoology shifted to SciAm — and it had previously blocked access from the Wayback Machine, so lost posts are lost.

    Testing the flotation dynamics and swimming abilities of giraffes by way of computational analysis : Tetrapod Zoology

  4. The danger to the giraffe is minimal… assuming of course, he waited 20 minutes after eating.

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