Here are some pictures of a giraffe swimming in a pool


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  1. MikeKStar says:

    Ah, reminds me of this Robot Chicken episode…

    Stages of Grief –

  2. Stefan Jones says:

    I’m going to guess, since they don’t make swim diapers in Giraffe sizes, that that pool is going to need a couple of rounds of shock treatment.

  3. Finnagain says:

    That’s not swimming. That would be ‘wading’.

  4. malindrome says:

    NSFW!  The headline didn’t mention the giraffe would be topless.

  5. jwkrk says:

    Ya call this a “deep end”?

  6. Gutierrez says:

    There is a giraffe in the swimming pool.  Your argument is invalid.

  7. Very nice. That pic made my day. You go Giraffe.

  8. bloopeeriod says:

    Am I the only one who is concerned for that poor things legs once it decides that all it wants to do is exit some backyard pool?  I mean they shoot horses don’t they?  

  9. Greg Morrow says:

    As Darren Naish notes, the ability of giraffes to swim, wade, ford rivers, etc., has been debated, studied, and modeled.

  10. smut clyde says:

    Now I have a sad that Darren’s original giraffe-swimming post was lost when Tetrapod Zoology shifted to SciAm — and it had previously blocked access from the Wayback Machine, so lost posts are lost.

    Testing the flotation dynamics and swimming abilities of giraffes by way of computational analysis : Tetrapod Zoology

  11. gauch0 says:

    Where can I go to swim with the giraffes?

  12. IronEdithKidd says:

    I would like video of this, please. 

  13. McHoffa says:

    Giraffes swimming everywhere

  14. Kerouac says:

    The danger to the giraffe is minimal… assuming of course, he waited 20 minutes after eating.

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