That tingling in your mouth could be a squid trying to mate with you


16 Responses to “That tingling in your mouth could be a squid trying to mate with you”

  1. lknope says:

    Cheeky bastards.

  2. Antinous / Moderator says:

    Spooge – the other white meat.

  3. evilpeacock says:

    (insert Prometheus reference here)

  4. Chuck says:

    “Waiter — I have a question about the menu.  What’s the difference between these two squid dishes?”

    “Two?  Oh, wait, that’s the menu we use after 11pm.”

    “11pm?  I thought you closed at nine.”

    “Uh … I’ll just give you the proper menu.  Let me…”

    “And why are there pictures of people in black leather on this menu?”

  5. t3kna2007 says:

    For hate’s sake, I spit my last spermatophore at thee.

  6. Culturedropout says:

    I make it a point not to eat anything that requires disemboweling…

  7. The tingling means it’s working.  :)

  8. snowmentality says:


    I feel the need for some kind of chaser, but unicorns aren’t enough. Maybe some nonoxynol-9 mouthwash.

  9. No, I don’t think I’ll be having the calamari, thank you.

  10. Tim H says:

    Ths s why   spt sqd nd nvr swllw.

  11. Mitchell Glaser says:

    “I’ve probably had hundreds of spermatophores ejaculate on my fingers”

    Those lady marine biologists are like librarians, pretty wild when they get off work!

  12. JhmL says:

    Casu Marzu, meet your competition.

  13. Ashen Victor says:

    No blow job jokes? I’m so disappointed.

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