UK economic crisis ends, Tories celebrate by committing £1.8B to spying

The pricetag for the UK "snooper's charter" -- a comprehensive warrantless spying proposal from the government -- is in: "at least £1.8 billion." This is how the coalition fight crime, even as thousands of police take to the streets to protest cuts in front line patrols, and even as private companies are taking over "policing duties" in cities and towns across the nation. What austerity, huh? Nothing's too dear when you're spying on an entire nation's entire digital life.

12 Responses to “UK economic crisis ends, Tories celebrate by committing £1.8B to spying”

  1. People want freedom the government is scarred that there won’t be any left or something.

  2. SpaceBeers says:

    Hooray for them! Our heroes.

  3. scav says:

    See, this kind of crap is why I want an independent Scotland.  2 years to the referendum…

    • Dave Clegg says:

      We’ll never get them out without Scotland’s help :(

      • scav says:

        Only fair, we had a lot of “help” from England getting the bastards in. But you could always try for a proportionally-elected parliament, like a civilised country :)

        I appreciate that might be difficult when the main party in favour of PR committed political suicide by dropping their principles and panties for the sake of a sniff of power. Oh well.

    • digi_owl says:

      A independent Scotland would be something to see indeed, from my vantage point across the North Sea.

  4. SomeGuyNamedMark says:

    Someone keeps voting for these politicians

  5. Glen Able says:

    Well if you guys want to post seditious remarks about the government, even after Cory’s just explained this excellent new scheme of theirs, that’s your business. 

  6. billstewart says:

    It’ll certainly make it easier to borrow everybody’s laptop and mobile phone cameras as CCTVs in case you need to find your kid in the pub!

  7. James Churchill says:

    You say “warrantless”, I hear “unwarranted”. :)

  8. Jason Conort says:

    More than a little strange how bills like this are trying to get passed every where from Canada to England.

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