Heart String Marionette, animated movie by M dot Strange


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  1. Vinnie Iuppa says:

    Quick note, the link associated with “Heart String Marionette website” just leads back to this same story.  


  2. While the animation style looks pretty cool, the idiotic voiceover  makes me think the target audience is juggalos.

    • Ihavenofuckingname says:

       I was going to say this as well.
      It’s selling point shouldn’t be that it’s ‘weird,’ as though ‘weird’ hasn’t been done to death already.  It seems like they couldn’t figure out anything to say about the film so they tried to paint it as rebellious or ‘twizzzted.’

      Trailer Park Avante Garde for Juggalos – that’s about it.

      • mdotstrange says:

        What’s a “selling point”? I’m just some animator guy who made this stupid trailer for the lulz haha… say what you want about the trailer…. I guarantee the film will blow your mind… there is weird yes… and it has been done to death.. BUT what happens to weird after it dies? It goes into the Nether World where our fine film begins ^_^

        There is no “they” I’m just one guy who did everything but the music and the voices… Its only 5 bucks and I guarantee it will fuck your mind, HARD… five bucks per mind fuck… if your not in the market for a good mind fucking yes this is not your cup of tea ^_^ Thanks for watching.

        • Ihavenofuckingname says:

          Yeah, I’m just throwing in my two cents based off of the impression I got from a 3:00 trailer.  Maybe I’ll watch it and change my mind.

          At the very least, you put tons of effort into making something that you’re proud of, and I can admire that regardless of aesthetic differences.

          • mdotstrange says:

            Fer sure! It should be released in the next few days and I’ll put out some more trailers  which should frame it in a different way…. But yeh I suck at presenting my films, its the hardest part for me…  thanks for taking the time to comment and check out the trailer!

      •  Spoken like someone who hasnt been following M Dot for years

        • Ihavenofuckingname says:

          Like I said, this was my impression after a goofy trailer. It’s pure speculation.

          So yes, your assessment is correct.

          • I understand, most previews speak politely like grown ups while pushing their product, torture porn,  and their other various agendas. Pixar already has the family market covered M Dot just doesnt care hes finding his own audience  that have grown weary of the hum drum norm. There should be a hat for every head.

    • mdotstrange says:

      If you like the animation style ignore my idiotic voice over as I’m just an idiot like that ^_^ I’m not a juggalo, I don’t even know any… though I have nothing against the chaps… I don’t know who the “target audience” is as I’m too busy animating and the like..BUT I guarantee the film is like NOTHING you have ever seen before… well  hope you give the film a chance some time down the road. Thanks for watching.

      • nachoproblem says:

        Speaking for the stuff I do (product design) presentation is by far the hardest part and I really wish I could just make stuff and not have to worry about that side of it at all. But of course it doesn’t work that way. All I can say is it almost always helps to get some other eyes on it.

        So yeah, the trailer is over the top and I know it’s meant to be, I get the joke. I’m interested by what’s going on and I think the general type of hook you’re using can work with it. At the risk of being annoyingly enigmatic, I would just say… less is more? For instance, if you do some thing like “Uh, wh… ?” and just kind of leave it out there, I think it has more impact than saying “motherfucker!” a whole lot.

        Or anyway, that’s my shot at it.

      •  I appreciate the fact that you have taken your time to show up in this thread and answer questions and face criticisms and do so in a civil way.  That earns you high marks in my book.

        I will indeed check it out because I’m a fan of unusual/creepy/weird animation.  I’m sure if there was no voiceover in the trailer, I would have signed up already.  Opinions/assholes, etc.

        • OtherMichael says:

          the graphics look cool, and while I did find the trailer annoying — and tantalizing for what it did show — I would have found it less annoying with ONLY the voiceover, no text (repeating the graphics). Still tantalizing — perhaps even moreso, because I wouldn’t have been focused on “aaaargh, more text!”

  3. Riley says:

    I really wanted to like “We Are the Strange”.  I really admire the whole self taught DIY animation thing, and the atmosphere was really great.  But honestly I can’t get over the whole Jonny the Homicidal Maniac wearing a Nightmare Before Christmas hoodie feeling of it all.

    • mdotstrange says:

      Well umm I’ve never read Jonny the Homicidal Maniac and I hate The Nightmare Before Christmas so I’m perplexed as its more like The Brothers Quay meets a Noh production of Ninja Scroll set in Silent Hill if you ask me ^_^

    •  Burton has to pay people to make art for him in the same vein he once tinkered with. While he sits in his 60 million dollar house in France not worrying how lame hes gotten. M Dot here Is pioneering a new voice in artistic expression. One man doesnt make feature length film an cartoons himself. Now M Dot has changed the field an soon when the real artist are making film we will hear new voices. Not just these studio lackey puppets. There is going to be an interesting shift. People will be reaching new vistas of story telling. Everyone who tried to make an animated film an got discouraged in the past will look on these tools with new eyes. New plug ins will make it easier for anyone with even rudimentary skills to use. So many people with stories to tell will start to flourish like thistles in the waste of the entertainment industry that today is a desert.

  4. robdobbs says:

    Worst trailer ever.

  5. jwkrk says:

    Wow!  Amazing.  And for only $5?  I have my pre-order in…

    • mdotstrange says:

      Thanks for the order Jim! I’m uploading the film right now so you should get your film download link soon! Thanks again!

  6. Boundegar says:

    I really hope mdotstrange is under 21.  It would be sad to hear a middle-aged man say, “Shit just got real mawfokkaz!”

    • mdotstrange says:

      I’m twelve years old and what is this? 

      Sad really? Sad? Sad is children being murdered… sad is the destruction of the environment…

      A grown ass man like me saying SHIT JUST GOT REAL MUTHAFUCKAS just means SHIT GOT REAL MUTHAFUCKA!

      Stay Gangsta and drive safe.

      • nachoproblem says:

        Far be it from me to jump your shit, but perhaps what the nice people here are trying to suggest is that a grown ass man has probably heard the phrase “SHIT JUST GOT REAL MOTHAFUCKAS!!!” applied to everything from Taliban attacks to taco sauce. So if you were instead to just tease them with something that makes them think, their imagination will supply whatever version of that is actually most meaningful to them.

        I’m a grown ass man and I endorse this message.

        • mdotstrange says:

          Point taken- I have a trailer I had been working on for months-long story short-the composer was lagging and didn’t finish the music in time to include the trailer in this piece so I made this entire trailer including voiceover in approx 30 minutes last Friday night ^ ^ So it was a rush rush job hence the “cliche trailer” title.. the official trailer that is much of what you are describing will be released soon.

          Thank you for your comment.

        • mdotstrange says:

          haha well was just saying I know its not my best work BUT at least I didn’t miss the deadline ^ ^

        • Just order it an see whats up. HSM is grand

        •  kinda be cool if there was a hat for every head an not just for all the mature adults on the mountain

  7. Lexicat says:

    They had me until the mispronounced Samhain.

    • mdotstrange says:

      I don’t know who “they” are as I’m the guy that does everything ^ ^ so any mistakes are made by me so sorry!

      But his name isn’t Samhain its Samhaine… a hybrid of Samhain the pagan holiday and haine the french word for hate… and that’s how it is pronounced in the world of Heart String Marionette. Thanks for watching! 

  8. kepath says:

    The “Heart String Marionette website” link points back to this page.
    Shouldn’t it point to youwilldieinside.com, as shown at the end of the trailer?

  9. BlueVelvetCrossing says:

    Well the trailer got me to buy a copy.

  10. Shane H says:

    This looks beautiful M Dot. The backgrounds seem so immense. My computer is freezing just thinking about the render times

    • mdotstrange says:

      Glad you like it! The render times weren’t so bad unless I was using RUTHLESS VOLUMETRIC LIGHTING?! (cowers in fear)

  11. Alex Silva says:

    Awesome MDot. I just finished teaching a week of stop motion to kids today. On day 2 I had  I shown them a bit WATS (from the collector DVD :)) and the behind the scenes stuff as inspiration that they can make a whole film if they put their minds to it.  I said “He is working on a new film, I wonder if it is done…?” Then today bam! I see this and it comes out at the same time! Serendipity. Congrats on persisting for the long haul. I am going to go order my copy now :)

  12. NOTKIDDINGME says:

    I’m in. This guy made a 3d movie all by himself. That’s insane. It takes and artist and a technician^madscientist_mathmatician to accomplish something that awesome. Cheers

  13. Kial Natale says:

    I just bought this last night: it’s like the price of a coffee and doughnut, and I have to say, after watching it I can safely say that I have gotten so much more enjoyment out of the film than I would have out of any pastry/beverage (and much less fat, too).  It’s really rare to see such a personal film on an epic level: the hero was badass!  I will be thinking of this film for years to come.  Thank you M Dot!

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