Kickstart a revival of a science fiction classic at the NYC Fringe

Michael Ross Albert sends us "A Kickstarter campaign to help fund the first major New York revival of NIGHT OF THE AUK by Arch Oboler."

Originally produced by the legendary Kermit Bloomgarden in 1956, the first production of this space epic was directed by luminary Sidney Lumet, and starred Christopher Plummer, Claude Rains, and Dick York. This summer, Outside Inside, a new independent theatre company, will produce the first major revival of Oboler's interstellar adventure as part of the 16th Annual New York International Fringe Festival!

Hugely influential in the world of science-fiction, Arch Oboler's underrated and undervalued works have all but fallen into obscurity. Now, Outside Inside needs your help to resurrect a lost classic of the sci-fi genre. Set aboard an ill-fated spacecraft returning to Earth after the first successful lunar expedition, NIGHT OF THE AUK is a nail-biting adventure, a cautionary fable, and the most fun you're likely to have in the theatre this summer!

Presented in a sleek new 75 minute adaptation and designed by a top-notch team of professional artists, NIGHT OF THE AUK promises to be an unforgettable FringeNYC experience.

Arch Oboler's NIGHT OF THE AUK (Thanks, Michael!)