Penguin sex deemed too graphic for Edwardian scientific publications


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  1. penguinchris says:

    when nature intends them to find employment, these birds, like men, degenerate in idleness

    Story of my life, other than the depraved sex despite my username.

    I was going to submitterate this for the chance of having (thanks, penguinchris!) show up at the bottom of an article about depraved penguin sex. But, I figured that you’d already have seen this around the same time I did (on Twitter or wherever), Maggie :)

  2. Wreckrob8 says:

    Poor soulless penguins deprived of the redeeming sacrifice of our Saviour.

    • dr says:

      “Now what he [Saint Mael] had taken for men of small stature but of grave bearing were penguins whom the spring had gathered together, and who were ranged in couples on the natural steps of the rock, erect in the majesty of their large white bellies. From moment to moment they moved their winglets like arms, and uttered peaceful cries. They did not fear men, for they did not know them, and had never received any harm from them; and there was in the monk a certain gentleness that reassured the most timid animals and that pleased these penguins extremely. With a friendly curiosity they turned towards him their little round eyes lengthened in front by a white oval spot that gave something odd and human to their appearance.
      Touched by their attention, the holy man taught them the Gospel. [...] The holy man, persuaded that they belonged to some idolatrous people and that in their own language they gave adherence to the Christian faith, invited them to receive baptism.[...]And thus for three days and three nights he baptized the birds.” (Anatole France, Penguin Island)

  3. Sekino says:

    So ‘Edwardian’ people never happened to take a stroll in the city park and walk upon squirrels doing it?

    • cjporkchop says:

       At least squirrels have good, proper mammalian genitalia, not those disgusting, immoral cloacas and such.

    • chenille says:

      If by “doing it” you actually mean raping injured females and sodomizing corpses, as the article describes, my guess is probably not that often.

      • Sekino says:

        I was probably just unfortunate, whenever I saw some ludicrously violent, noisy and uncouth sex between black squirrels. Then again, they’re violent and noisy regardless of what they’re doing around here.

        (and I admit I didn’t ask the female whether she agreed or not to the S&M ;)  )

  4. Navin_Johnson says:

     “There seems to be no crime too low for these penguins.”

    Love the way this guy wrote.

  5. MonkeyBoy says:

    Lovecraft (either in Mountains of Madness or Call of Cthulhu, I forget) has some penguins that his characters react to with “horror”. (In typical Lovecraft style he tells us that they are horrifying with out actually painting a picture of why).

    Lovecraft did keep up with a number of scientific topics so maybe he had heard from underground sources about such penguin practices which combined with his general priggishness explains why he portrayed them as horror inducing.

  6. Palomino says:

    Sounds like a job for Isabella Rossellini. 

    I still have nightmares about being gang-raped by corkscrew shaped penises that get lost in a  vaginal canal that would put any House of Mirrors to shame.

  7. angusm says:

    “The horror … the horror … exterminate all the brutes …”

  8. sota767 says:

    Move over bonobos…

  9. Frank Diekman says:

    I imagine these journal entries being read in the voice of Lord Grantham from Downton Abbey. Punctuated, of course, by the occasional “Good God!”

    • TheBehinder says:

      I imagine these journal entries being read by Morgan Freeman for ‘March Of The Penguins 2 – Some Like It Dead’.

  10. sockdoll says:

    the position taken up by the cock differing in no respect from that of ordinary copulation

    OK… I confess that it took me a split second to realize that “cock” meant a male penguin in this scenario. Don’t tell me I’m the only one.

  11. DJBudSonic says:

    They’ve got nothing on chickens.  I have seen chickens doing things waaayy worse than this.  Chickens are cannibalistic rapists. To wit:  I was separating roosters from a young flock.  I had three roosters, and two of them had distinguished themselves over the course of that month by separating their flock into two compatible groups, each of which would roam about doing their chicken thing all day, then return to the roosts.

    So I had the three roosters in the yard, and we decided to ace the odd man out, and give it to a local veterinarian who keeps a few crocodiles out back.  A single shot to the head, and the the rooster drops dead.  It had barely hit the dirt when the two other roosters jumped upon it and proceeded to rape the corpse with such vigor that we had to drive them away with a stick.    They don’t even do that to the hens.  I am sure that if we had left the carcass this would have been repeated, until the flesh was exposed and they decided to eat it.

    Have a nice day!

  12. Sex is, by definition, all about reproduction…everything else is just ‘messin’ around’. Our uptight attitudes about sex and messin’ around are exemplified by the victorian point of view which pervaded so much science at the time and in particular the science of Scott’s so-called ‘science’ expedition…in truth, it should have been called ‘a folly’…a tragic one at that. It’s become vogue lately to try to defend the scientific value of his group but really, it was incidental to his personal goal of aristocratic status by gaining national/ethnic/racial notoriety; British aristocratic superiority and all that rot. 

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