Poem which uses all 100 Scrabble tiles

From the year 2000, Ben Engelsberg sez, "Mike Keith forumlated this brilliant poem using all 100 scrabble tiles for each of 6 verses in iambic pentameter."

A Scrabble-Tile Poem (Thanks, Ben!)


    1. The iambic pentameter is indeed the ONLY impressive part. Since when did 100 character anagrams become difficult? Here’s my own Scrabble word remix:

      An inadequate ox got in my soil:
      An engineer fucked it with a plow.
      A grislier lump of ooze rusts,
      yet abroad, cave herb jived.

      Yes, that’s 98. Use your two free spaces as you see fit. Perhaps an “sh” before “it” on the second line?

      1. Okay, that was addictively fun to write. Here’s another, made of fake Boing Boing titles. My “blank letters” this time were an S and a G. Again, not iambic pentameter, but fun:

        “A Female Hitler Sex Quiz”
        “Twelve Nuns Irradiated”
        “Vinyl Pajamas”
        A huge fair use geek, Cory Doctorow posted it on Boing Boing.

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