Sugru's short film about maker dads


5 Responses to “Sugru's short film about maker dads”

  1. Chris Muir says:

    I love Sugru; very useful stuff. I also love the 826 Valencia bag hanging in the background of this movie.

  2. Aaron Swain says:

    I love everything about that video.

  3. Matt Meyer says:

    This stuff must be what the Engineer Moties carried around on their belts.

  4. stickyfingers says:

    Aside from being the only hipster fanboy glue on the planet, what is the fascination with it? It seems to peel away from many surfaces, has a short shelf life, isn’t durable, tears easily, and is horribly expensive. 

  5. Mura Nava says:

    milliput is a good cheap alternative, with bonus of long storage life

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