X-Men meet Guernica

"X-Men Guernica" -- a marvellous reworking of the Picasso by DeviantArt's Theamat, who was participating in an "Alternate Reality Character Designs" contest on The Line it is Drawn!. I've grabbed a thumbnail here, click through for the full-size (including a massive high-rez suitable for desktop wallpaper).

X-Men Guernica (Thanks, Fipi Lele!)


  1. Lame… A one percent ripoff of an image that is rich in history and courage. Xmen has SFA to do with courage or artistic integrity. I cannot believe you Are promoting this dreck!

  2. I’m quite surprised to discover that I find this mashup somewhat offensive.

    I’m not posting to criticise or censure the artist – I just find my reaction fascinating. I never knew I felt so strongly about the original painting. Well done Theamat!

  3. It sounds like there were other interpretations? This one is a poor image to choose, to say the least. And certainly NOT marvelous. It is important artistically, historically, and even topically. They covered the tapestry version of this at the UN for Colin Powell’s address in 2002 in favor of going to war. It is powerful because it shows the death of innocent citizens (and their children) essentially as part of a product demonstration — Hitler was showing off Messerschmidt’s to Franco. It was also the first time a major artist had turned to contemporaneous, in the news, happenings for inspiration. It is a massive political protest. So to trivialize all that with the X-men? #SMDH

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