Toilet paper with a horror story from the author of "Ring"


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  1. Um, so if you don’t live alone you’re going to end up missing big chunks of story?

    Well, at least, I *hope* you end up missing them….

    “Hey Dave, I left Chapter 4 on the wall for you! Hope you can read it all.”

  2. TMWaH says:

    Interesting gimmick, though I’m surprised they didn’t use it to print “Dark Water”.

    …sometimes, the jokes write themselves.

  3. technogeekagain says:

    Yeah, you’d sorta have to have multiple copies if you expect to have guests.

    On the other hand, it does sorta address those of us who bring in reading material. On the other other hand, it’s sorta hard to read more than a few paragraphs at a time; a sequence of short stories (or short-shorts)  might have been a better idea.

    Horror ain’t my thing. At least, not what passes for horror these days;  I’ve liked some older work. So if I bought this, it would be as a comment upon the genre.

  4. I bought some, scared the shit right out of me.

  5. Ladyfingers says:

    “Ring”, “Drop” and “Spiral”?

    Fnar, fnar.

    • Bobsyeruncle says:


      Kind of reminds me of the kids games you could be playing, instead:  Concentration, Aggravation, Hang On Harvey and Ker-Plunk!

  6. S.V.Ramanan says:

    That’s a Swiping Story!

  7. AnthonyI says:

    I’m waiting for the double-ply version of “Atlas Shrugged”. 

  8. yupgiboy says:

    You forgot “Loop”, the final book in the “Ring” trilogy (and for my money, the best one).  And shouldn’t it be ‘Author of “Ring” and “Spiral”‘ instead of ‘writer for’?

    Nitpicking: off.

    This excites me to no end. I’ll buy a roll or two.

  9. Martin Liebermann says:

    Showed this to my gf who works in a library. She says they won’t order this, their toilets are enough of a horror story by themselves.

  10. Bashtarle says:

    Well they certainly managed to do what no other writers in the industry have been able to do. Stop the secondhand market dead in its tracks. 

    I doubt, no, I pray I never run across used copies of these. 

  11. Dimmer says:

    Finally I can replace my Robert Heinlien paperbacks with something that doesn’t just spread the “stuff” around so much…

  12. pebird says:

    Free toilet paper with ads. Maybe keep our stalls properly stocked.

  13. wilmcdaniel says:

    Give me ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ on TP and I’m in. 

  14. Being somewhat of a schoolboy at heart, my headline for this story would have been more along the lines of:

    “Toilet Paper Emblazoned with the Nightmare of the Ring.”

  15. Beanolini says:

    Is it also printed on the other side of the paper for the 30-40% who prefer the ‘under’ orientation?

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