Vintage trailer birdhouses


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  1. steve says:

    I’ve got a couple hipster golden finches that hang around my place eating all my sunflower seeds and laying about making noise looking all gaudy in yellow. 
    I bet they live in one these somewhere down the street.

  2. RJ says:

    Those are awesome. I’m going to have to try to make one myself, sometime. Maybe mount it on a platform with a little picnic table and wire trashcan.

  3. Dimmer says:

    Dual purpose: also favored by the local squirrels as a diner…

  4. hyljelyhje says:

    Um, I’m sorry but I don’t think these birdhouses look so good after you tie them up high in the tree and in distance. 
    Probably looks like some punk nailed a beer can in your tree.
    But given a chance, I would love to live in one of them…

  5. hugh crawford says:

    I lived in a 1957 Shasta trailer in the parking lot of CalArts that was painted just like the yellow one. 7 x 13 feet and it was actually pretty nice.  I wonder if it’s still there?

  6. Palomino says:

    I want a whole bunch of ‘em so’s I can build my dream: ~White Dove Trailer Trash Park. Imagine the fun with all the name callin!:

    “Your daddy’s a ~Rough Faced Shag~!”
    “You don’t know me! Your brothers a ~Cock of the rock~!”
    “Your little sister is a ~Red faced booby~!”
    “Really? I saw you messing with ~Chuck wills widow~!”
    “What about that uncle of yours, prancing around here like a ~Spangled Drongo~ with his boyfriend, that fat ~Brown Trembler~, and I seen ‘em both ~Whip Poor Will~ behind the cock fighting shed!”

    50c for a cup of seed to throw at ‘em!

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