Looking for $21M to record an album on the moon

A $21M Kickstarter project aims to record an album of lunar folk music, on the Moon. Erik writes, "This video breaks down the entire plan for purchasing, colonizing, and writing a folk album on the moon, down to giving Neil DeGrasse Tyson a year long salary for being awesome, and includes a sample Lunar folk song. Also, the people in it are dressed like Frankenstein's Monster and its bride."

Space Folk Album: Lunar Aid 1985


  1. If this gets funded… I am going to start a Kickstarter called “build an underwater submarine that looks like a troll face,” and say that I need to raise $20 million.  I bet these guys will just record something on Garageband and pocket the money – IT SOUNDS THE SAME AS IF YOU WERE TO RECORD IT ON THE MOON.

    1.  Actually, if you just repurposed Cages’s 4’33”, you could really claim you recorded it on the moon.

      Then you could start another $20MM Kickstarter called Bring’Em’Back – “So we can bring the bodies home”. 

  2. That’s cute and all, but that’s not even enough money for a single launch, of anything, to low earth orbit let alone the moon.  If they’re gonna make a joke, why not at least make it borderline realistic?

    I can’t help but imagine this being read in the voice of Dr. Evil.

  3. The moon has no atmosphere so you can get the same results recording in a pressurized metal box here on earth.

    The real cool project is recording an album on MARS with robotic acoustic instruments. Microphone design alone will keep audio geeks arguing for a decade on how to do it right.

  4. Some would say that the Earth is OUR moon … but that would belittle the name of our Moon.  Which is The Moon.

    Point is: we’re at the center, not you.

  5. I thought Kickstarter had some kind of policy against hoaxes?  Don’t they have a curation process for how projects get posted, have their rewards structured, etc?  I guess I don’t get why they would approve this.  It’s not all that funny, and it definitely doesn’t do anything for the legitimacy of the Kickstarter brand.  I guess I’m missing something.

    1. It isn’t strictly outside the guidelines, but probably fails their definition of a project, since it is not going to “eventually be completed”. I would guess they don’t care unless someone “reports” the project. 

    2.  Scroll down to the bottom for a description of who they are: “Stuff Monsters Like is a satirical blog about monster life, written from a monster’s perspective.” So, they’re a ripoff of Stuff White People Like who are doing this for publicity’s sake, I guess.

    1. Except with Monster the price tag would jump 4X to $84M, and no one except the funders would believe the results. Bose could take over the project for only $63M but, despite the terrific-looking literature extolling the company’s theoretical breakthroughs, their attempt to cheat Newton’s Third Law by EQing the hell out of a massive array of 4″ “Boseter stage” rocket cones will fall horribly short.

  6. Reminds me a bit of Alan Steele’s short story of the concert at the Mars Hotel.

  7.  I’m sure that the Museum of Modern Art  would be chompin’ at the bit to fund such a useless, (performance) concept :)

  8. I say 2 million people pitch in $10 bucks and we force these fuckers at gun point to go to the moon and play music.  OH then we’ll see who is laughing our asses off

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