Hex-nut-shaped ring is a six-sided die

Individual Icons's "Nut Dice Ring" is a ring shaped like a hex-nut, which functions as a six-sided dice, for those moments of indecision and romance.

This ring is a perfect piece of jewelry for people who say that they don't wear jewelry. It really does help with decisions (odds I stay home, evens I go out). As proper dice should, each pair of opposing sides adds up to seven. Comfort fit inside, available in standard sizes 6 through 10. Sterling silver. 1/4" (6mm) wide.

Nut Dice Ring (via Neatorama)


  1. I can’t imagine it would work as a dice. Wouldn’t it just fall over? Looks good, though. But I still find it hard to beat my plain $30 Tungsten Carbide wedding ring. Flawless. And inexpensive.

    1.  Maybe you pick a direction and use the number that’s pointing the most in that direction when it falls?

      I’d imagine it would be possible to roll it without falling too, but the direction method might be a little less fiddly.

    2. My first thought was that you could roll it and it MIGHT stay on its side, but it seems unlikely.  Tungsten rings are pretty awesome, I concur.

    3.  Maybe just don’t look at it, being careful not to “feel” the indents, and turn it a few times on your finger. Then look at the result?

  2. You could easily convince me that the headline of this article was auto-created by some sort of Boing Boing Article Generator. It’s the boingboingiest.

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