Spongebob Popsicles: evidence of declining quality assurance practices?


27 Responses to “Spongebob Popsicles: evidence of declining quality assurance practices?”

  1. joeposts says:

    Smushbob Sogpants!

  2. Antinous / Moderator says:

    You know who else holds a pitchfork in front of his face?  Satan.

  3. tofagerl says:

    That second ice cream came to me in a dream about ten years ago and caused a major depressive disorder I’m still dealing with. It was delicious, though…

  4. zarray says:

    spongbab just wants to dieeeeeeee 

  5. Dan Ray says:

    I was fairly unimpressed with this Dora the Explorer I got a couple summers back.

  6. johne2 says:

    They all come from the same manufacturer.

    And the box of Pink Panthers I just bought are fine, except the red gumball eyes should be yellow.

  7. malindrome says:

    O tempora o mores!

  8. Anne Noise says:

    Those TMNT ice cream bars made my summers perfect as a child.  I spent hours watching the show, playing TMNT outside and in the pool, and inhaling little tiny Turtle ice cream heads.  Fuck yes, summer!

  9. Ian Wood says:

    Well what’s it taste like then.

  10. Alex Riepl says:

    Oh so many years ago when I was a summer camp the only ice cream character bars on sale were of Mickey Mouse. But the guy in charge of the camp commisary declared that they would only serve “Mutant Mickeys”. When you purchased one, before handing it over to you to unwrap and eat, he would pount it with a mallet or throw it in a tiny wooden barrel and shake about. Then and only then would we receive our treat. It doesn’t take much more than that to impress a bunch of ten year olds. Fucking awesome. I still remember that.

    Properly formed icecream treat characters are over rated.

  11. dethbird says:

    Spengbab Squorponts! (http://goo.gl/75UVs — google image search i promise!)

  12. Man, that second picture is bleak, looks like what would happen if they’d let Francis Bacon design popsicles.

  13. TopOc says:

    “It’s not turning out exactly right, so don’t get too disappointed”


  14. Mantissa128 says:

    Actually, I think these are teaching our kids a good lesson about the difference between advertising and reality.

  15. dawdler says:

    Sorry, this topic just leaves me cold…

  16. teapot says:

    1) The Spongebob design is far more intricate than the TMNT one

    2) The eyes disgust me. Surely we can all agree that icecream should NEVER be black, unless it’s made from something that’s actually black like black sesame.

  17. miasm says:

    OMG, I want a Dolan ice cream.

  18. scott bc says:

    No false expectations from my local ice cream man! They just show Spurnge Berb as he is, as he will be when birthed from his wrapping. 

    But I mean, really, they were never good. But I loved the hell out of them as a kid. But i’m older, so it was WWF(Hulk and Macho Man!), and the ninja turtles.

  19. cosmicrob says:

    My son got one of these last week.. The eyes are gumballs and the ice cream flavor reminded me of Sprite. Not a very good likeness, but appropriately goofy.

  20. Joel Evans-Fudem says:

    I had my last TMNT Popsicle like that one on my 5th birthday in 1992.  I was distracted from happily munching on it and sadly, left it out on a rock in June in California.  Went back to find it 3-4 hours later… Wadda Ya Know, not melted and still delicious.  After that my mom wouldn’t let me have any more of them :(

  21. GoGo Vicmorrow says:

    When I was a young lad my parents would buy me these “monster pops” they were popsicles molded like, well monster, but kind of generic universal monsters. I don’t think they were licensed at least. I am not sure what they all were except I know there was a dracula. Then I think a skeleton, a werewolf maybe, and a final one. I have scoured (well kinda scoured) the internet and there is no evidence that these exist. I have found only one other person that was searching as intently as I was and they had listed their email for any clues. My next work will be looking through my old summer photos. Any one else remember these? They were just shaped ice pops, simple flavors cherry, grape, etc.

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