Beer mug produces a head of foam on demand

[Video Link] Brando, the infamous Hong Kong maker of irresistible crappy gadgetry, has solved the age-old problem of not having an easy way to create a foul-tasting, foamy barrier between your lips and your beer. Introducing the Professional Beer Foam Making Mug. Unfortunately, it's battery free.

Professional Beer Foam Making Mug


  1. “Fill with mingled cream and amber,
    I will drain that glass again.
    Such hilarious visions clamber
    Through the chambers of my brain.
    Quantist thoughts – queerest fancies,
    Come to life and fade away:
    What care I how time advances?
    I am drinking ale today.”
    – Edgar Allan Poe 

  2. am I the only one wondering why the film crew only had access to two working models?  Perhaps there are only two made in existence…  I will now quietly speculate as to the arcane and precious ingredients needed to conjure such dark machinations.

  3. If you describe a gorgeous, fluffy, aromatic, sensuous head of foam on your beer as a “foul-tasting, foamy barrier between your lips and your beer” you are seriously undereducated and unappreciative of one of the finer aspects of the most amazing and most important creations of all time, beer

    How to pour the perfect beer.

      1. I don’t drink alcoholic beverages at all. I wish they’d bring back prohibition, just as long as they don’t ban coffee.

    1. Yep.  It can be amazing.  There was a dark English brew I had one time, Young’s I think it was, with a head that was just delicious.  The rest of the beer was a letdown after that head.   Might have been their chocolate stout, can’t quite remember. 

    2.  Guinness Foam is akin to ice cream in my mind.

      I would assume that some foaming mug would produce foul slime.

    3.  Agree it shouldn’t be foul- but it still strikes me as being not a useful thing- I specificially pour to reduce the head as the head = part of my glass filled with stuff i can’t drink. And trust that I know my beer very well. Just never saw a use for the head, aside from cosmetic appeal.

    4.  It sounds to me as if those here need to learn more about the glorious art of homebrew. Best hobby ever.

      I’m making a raspberry chocolate stout (previously have made scotch ale, brown ale, and irish red).

    1. Thanks man you saved me some Google-fu. I should’ve sent this to BB a few months ago when my partner showed it to me.

  4. Let’s see…

    “I for one welcome our new Sparkling Beer Mug Overlords!” ?

    “Look at this Sparkling Beer Mug! Just look at it!”?
    mmm, close…

    “all your Sparkling Beer Mug belong to us”?

    “needs more cowbell!”?

    “fucking Sparkling Beer Mugs, how do they work?”
    hrmm, close enough!

  5. The Japanese have to be the only group of people to love >2 fingers of head.

    Which is absolute nonsense, given that their beer is in fact quite good, for lager.

    1. I like to think of them brainstorming cross-sections of people enjoying their product.

      “Okay, we got younger parents, older parents, businessmen, boys’ night out, girls’ night out, punk band. Anything we forgot?”

      “What about guys drinking by themselves in a darkened room?”

      “Ah! Important demographic, can’t forget them!”

  6. “maker of irresistible crappy gadgetry” from a site that sells Fred housewares, the undisputable king of shitty, unbelievably wasteful, visual pun gag junk?

  7. We here at the Cult of the Stache wish to state that we disapprove of this invention, disapprove of excessive beer head, and disapprove of Mr. Frauenfelder’s call for Prohibition.  We recommend Mr. Frauenfelder should grow a large handlebar and cut back on the caffeine.

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