Brain Rot: Hip Hop Family Tree, Russell Simmons and Kurtis Blow Tour The World

By Ed Piskor

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Published 2:07 pm Tue, Jun 19, 2012


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17 Responses to “Brain Rot: Hip Hop Family Tree, Russell Simmons and Kurtis Blow Tour The World”

  1. SedanChair says:

    This series is as good as Joe Sacco’s Palestine.

    • Whoa that’s heavy. But yes, a worthy comparison. 

    • benher says:

      Fan of Palestine, but gotta say, I’m enjoy this!! … My only “wish” were that if it were eventually graphic novel-ified, that the pace could be slowed down a bit.. of course, it’s difficult to write about non-fictional characters in that way I suppose.

  2. Wild Rumpus says:

    Thank you Boing boing for turning me onto this musical history comic and thank you Ed Piskor for creating such an awesome historical narrative.  As a fan of music history, I constantly am cross referencing all of the music and people that are explained in this comic.  This is just so many levels of awesome.  Thank You.

  3. franko says:

    i’ve been reading these for awhile, but i missed the beginning and the explanation. i’m blown away by the look and style — it’s so authentic. this is all just so very very well done.

  4. benher says:

    Yes! I think it’s almost time for Marshall Mathers!

  5. chris jimson says:

    Invisibl Skratch Piklz vs “Theeth clamth ith def!”

  6. blueelm says:

    I just want to know when it will be available in a book form. 

    • Ed Piskor says:

       I have commitment issues, but, I’ll probably decide on a publisher pretty soon. It’s going to take a while for the book to come out though. There are 50 pages finished so far, and we’re just barely hitting 1980.

  7. Martin Jackson says:

     I love this comic but I would guess you really don’t like Russel Simmons the way you draw him and have him speak.

  8. yoshua says:

    FYI, these comics don’t look too hot on a retina iPad.FYI, these comics don’t look so hot on a retina iPad.

    • noah django says:

       FYI, your ability to post from your retina iPad isn’t so hot.FYI, your ability to post from your retina iPad isn’t so hot.

  9. Why is Russell Simmons made to be such an egregiously lisping, crazy-eyed Satanic clown? Is he really that evil? Kurtis Blow seems to be just as wall-eyed, ill-spoken and ripe for ridicule in interviews I’ve seen with him. I have no interest in Simmons as a person at all, and have a low opinion of his talents, but I still think this must be an unfair portrait of him.