Incredibly-detailed scale model of 1930s cinema


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  1. lava says:

    skip = dumpster

    ur welcome

  2. Jenz Seeger says:



    I hope Mr. Barbier lives to see his 112th year and suggest he starts his scale model of  “Le Grand Rex” (Paris, France) right away!

  3. Just_Ok says:

    Are the floors sticky?

  4. Looks lots like Teatro Balboa in Panama, built by the gringos back in the day.  Art Deco urinals FTW.

  5. Looks VERY much like the theater out on the prarie in Morris, MN,  if somewhat more opulent.  Or very much like it did seven years ago, anyhow.

  6. emo hex says:

    Does the lobby smell like popcorn?

  7. jeligula says:

    Awesome.  The interior looks exactly like the art-deco Alger Theater in Lakeview, OR.

  8. The Birmingham Odeon, where I saw many fantastic (and some not so fantastic) gigs during the 1980s when it was primarily a live venue, has unfortunately been split into a multiplex cinema now. The largest studio is essentially just the front stalls visible in the picture above, which came as something of a surprise when I saw Stardust there a few years ago.

  9. Tim Drage says:

    Someone needs to buy it and shoot a stop motion film in there

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