New York Times: It's okay to like that taco made out of a giant Doritos chip


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  1. Rob says:

     I liked them before it was cool.

  2. lknope says:

    Sounds like Taco Hell to me.

  3. Bull Moose says:

    Future diarrhea.

  4. Christopher says:

    I have nothing against the tacos themselves, but it annoys me when I see the ads that say, “My Doritos is a taco.”

    I thought each individual chip was a Dorito, and that Doritos was the plural. If Doritos is the singular what the hell is the plural? Doritososis? That sounds like what your breath smells like after you’ve even a bag of them. 

  5. bcsizemo says:

    A Doritos Taco is nothing compared to Doritos Consomme:

  6. joeposts says:

    At KFC/Taco Bell combo locations, maybe they can put a Double Down™ in the middle.

    • royaltrux says:

       A “turd-yucken”?

    • bcsizemo says:

      Seriously.  I think companies that have the multiple combo stores should really explore combining their products.  I mean if I went to a Ken-taco-hut there is no reason I shouldn’t be able to get KFC popcorn chicken on a pan pizza…

      • Christopher says:

        Would you like some guacamole on that? I’m not sure whether Taco Bell still has a Mexican pizza. They may have removed it from their menu when someone finally pointed out that their food is as Mexican as Canadian bacon.

  7. RJ says:

    Do these Doritos tacos come with Funyuns and a Spongebob DVD? Maybe the soda is served in a little Chong bong novelty cup with a crazy straw.

  8. princessalex says:

    How on earth did that person write that review with a straight face? 

    “There is no question that the chip mounts a full-frontal flavor assault on the palate, with the spices as shock troops. The taco shell is demure by comparison, but it may well be that the restrained application of the spices, rather than a reformulation of the recipe, accounts for the difference.”


    As to the last problem, there is a solution:

    “Whatever the technique for applying the spices may be, it eliminates the orange dust problem. A small bag of Doritos deposits a brightly colored residue on the fingertips so thick that it requires a paint scraper to remove it. The shell leaves virtually no trace. Is there hope for Cheetos?

    Solution — eat them with chopsticks!  :D

  9. Avram Grumer says:

    Damn, that’s some faint praise: “The meat filling just lay there like ballast, but the lettuce was fresh and crisp and the grated Cheddar had an assertive tang. In other words, for what it is, the Doritos Locos taco is pretty good.” 

  10. zarray says:

    I admit that I am in like with the thing, and I feel pleasurably dirty for eating one, but my TB order of choice is still the quesadilla w/ the “exclusive” baja mt dew. Although it seems like the only time I ever eat there is after excessive beer consumption. I find it funny when people get all indignant about the mere existence of Taco Bell, throwing around claims of it not being real “mexican food” (as if there is only one uniform Mexican culture) when they don’t compare a hamburger to German food. 

    •  I sometimes whether wonder people who are upset that Taco Bell doesn’t offer “real Mexican” have any experience with “real Mexican”.  Would they like my posole, including as it does pork skin when I can find it?  Do they refuse flan, seeing as it’s North African in derivation, and stick to biscochitos?

  11. franko says:

    my great sadness is that there isn’t a vegetarian taco so i can try these shells. : (

    • royaltrux says:

      If your comment is sincere I would like to invite you make taco sliders out of individual chips. Fantastic Foods makes a decent vegan taco filling you can use for the “meat”. On top of that, get creative. Pico de gallo is convenient for finely chopped onions and tomatoes, some finely shredded cheese, optional sour cream, perhaps a jalapeno, top with another Dorito.

    • Dip normal taco shell into bag of Doritos, make normal vege taco. Done.

    • If you’re really curious, I suppose offering a Taco Bell person a dollar might get you a shell, especially if the manager isn’t around/isn’t a sabre-rattler.

    • Stephen Blais says:

      Um, Taco Bell will gladly substitue beans for the beef in any of their products. I learned this over twenty years ago, and is a no-brainer for every vegetarian I know. Considering how quickly the “sub beans/beef” shows up on the screen, I think they even have a shortcut key for it. What are you waiting for?

      • BillStewart2012 says:

         Back in the 80s, when I became vegetarian, Taco Bell was amazingly inflexible.  It wasn’t just whether they could substitute beans for beef – they weren’t even sure if they could make me a bean taco by using the bent taco shell instead of the flat tostada shell that their bean tostada used :-)  Fortunately they’ve gotten much better since then, and have even suggested “sub beans/beef” when I asked for something with no meat.

        Also, while Taco Bell is no longer using their iconic painted brick buildings here in California, a number of other restaurants have been buying them (including some actual Mexican places.)

    • AceTracer says:

      You can ask for beans instead of meat in any Taco Bell order.

  12. planettom says:

    I like them, but I wouldn’t drive my friends 965 miles to get them.

    I do note that the Doritos Locos Box comes with, not a bunch of Doritos Tacos as you might expect, but 1 Doritos Locos Tacos Supreme, 1 Burrito Supreme, and 1 Crunchy Taco .

    This, as it turns out, is a good move, because 1 Doritos Locos Taco is tasty.   3 might make you barf.

  13. Heyref says:

    No! It’s not okay.  

  14. penguinchris says:

    I don’t actually like Doritos but this is something I might try if I found myself with no choice but to eat at Taco Bell (say, I was with a group of people who decided to go, unlikely though that situation may be). I was tempted by the KFC double down too, but I never eat there either.

    But I really don’t like their advertising. I know I’m not the target audience (or am I? I’m a young male) but it seems really false and even patronizing. That isn’t the right word. The one where the guy drove his friends a thousand miles to get this thing was just stupid… you’re clearly supposed to think wow, what a cool dude, but I really can’t imagine anyone thinking that was actually cool. It’s actually kind of sad.

    I mean all advertising is false and patronizing, by its very nature. But these are especially grating. Then there’s the other one where it’s supposedly people’s tweets about this taco. It’s showcasing the worst aspects of social media – not just social media marketing, but the sad people who actually respond to social media marketing.

    I would eat something like this out of a hip food truck that doesn’t advertise, I guess.

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