Lego Turing machine


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  1. bcsizemo says:

    It looks like it would be easy enough to have the “read” head in a fix mount or only have it move when a bit is flipped…

    Still it is interesting seeing how “new” technology recreates its ancestor.

  2. s2redux says:

    FTFV: These are all the components needed to describe any operation your computer can execute.

    I can’t locate it on my new computer, but somewhere on my previous computer there was a “smoke release” switch that activated when lightning struck. Seems to be missing from this model. Otherwise, great machine!

    Looking forward to the Lego Monks website. (Perhaps to be founded by someone named “Larry Brick”?)

  3. liquidstar says:

    Lego Turing machine has made all previous lego models obsolete.   All hail the new plastic!

  4. Sonny, that thar aint no Turing machine. That thar’s a gen-you-wine nondeterministic figh-nite autah-manaton. And them’s good eatin’!

  5. Roy Trumbull says:

    The concept of computable numbers occurred to two men. One was Alan Turing and the other was Alonzo Church. The result was the Church-Turing Conjecture. Turing was Church’s “student” at Princeton from 1936 to 1938. They approached the same problem using different methods 

  6. slowtiger says:

    That sample the music starts with: isn’t that from Raymond Scott? Or some other synth pioneer of that time? I know it, but can’t remember!

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