TOM THE DANCING BUG: God-Man and Human-Man Team Up to Fight Crime!!

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  1. Funny, but don’t you envy Human-Man’s obvious sense of spiritual fulfillment? I mean it won’t help him get out of that trunk, but he won’t die alone unless he has some kind of spiritual crisis in there, which actually seems likely. Huh.

    1. Besides, if no one believed in God-Man, people would do whatever they wanted. For instance, those gangsters might have, well…

      Point is, it’s good to believe in God-Man.

          1. How do you say, “with god, everything is permitted as long as you say the magic phrase, ‘it was god’s will,’ immediately after,” in Russian?

    1. No, but puke-stained floors in dive bars are. A little sawdusty, a little earthy, a little sour, surprisingly comfortable.

          1.  Wouldn’t he be white, and conform more-or-less to the golden ratio, and have rounded corners?

            I think Apple might just be a front for the Neo-Nazis now…

            Also he wouldn’t be able to think anything other than official thoughts downloadable on iTunes for $0.99 a mental step, or a full realization for $11.99

  2. If only Agnostic-Man were here!  Agnostic-Man!  Who, with the twin powers of Reason and Snark, becomes Teenage Atheist-Man!  Teenage Atheist-Man can mock Mega-churches in a single scoff!  He also knows where the release cord for the trunk is located!

    1. I was going to ask the same thing! I think Bush has been bugging Ruben to bring him back ever since Jan. 2009.

      Also, what’s that beige pillow-type thing behind Human-Man in panel 2?

  3. Spoiler: God-Man is Human-Man’s father. No wait, God-Man was dead the whole time. No wait, God-Man was a figment of Human-Man’s imagination. No wait…

  4. Did he just get shot in the arm after he’d been captured? I remember that from the finale of a really fun movie, but just can’t remember the name!

  5. I really like that Human-Man’s superpowers are in comparison to the other great apes

  6. I know how this cliff-hanger resolves itself: Human-Man uses his powers of lactose intolerance to overpower his captors with flatulence and diarrhea.  

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