Behind the scenes: Product recalls

The real story behind a product recall is not always the narrative of negligent corporation vs. the little guy consumer. In a great long read from Popular Mechanics, Dan Koeppel explains the complicated reality behind product recalls. Far more often than you might suspect, there's nothing demonstrably wrong with the product.


  1. Im looking forward to reading the article. I don’t know how baby item manufacturers make money. They can sell 1 Million of a crib, but because 2 kids died in it, they have to recall all of them.

  2. Now that I think about it, I’ve never returned a recalled product. Probably because 98% of them are baby cribs and car seats. 

  3. Interesting that there is no mention of the “prototypical” media frenzy over a questionable recall: the Ford Explorer/Firestone debacle.

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