Circumvention Tools Hackfest in NYC before HOPE

James Losey sez,

The Open Internet Tools Project (OpenITP) is a collection of open source projects that help build a truly unfettered internet -- private, anonymous and resistant to control. In the week before HOPE in New York City, OpenITP has partnered with FreedomBox, InformSec and ISOC-NY to host a circumvention tools hackfest. OpenITP's James Vasile writes:

"We've got four days to plan, code and learn! If you want to hack on anti-censorship or anti-surveillance tools, bring your project, bring your skills and bring your friends. This event will be focused on writing code and solving design problems. We won't have any long presentations (there will be enough of those at HOPE), though we will have lightning talks and will give away a door prize or two."

Circumvention Tools Hackfest in NYC before HOPE


  1. The articles makes much more sense when you realize the word is Circumvention not Circumcision.

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