Comedy and tragedy in a WWII anti-freeze ad

Incredibly, this is not an old ad encouraging you to nag your doc for a barbiturates prescription, but rather, a WWII-era Dupont anti-freeze ad.

Zerone and Zerex


  1. The talking duck face.

    Isn’t ZERONE the secret ingredient in all digital technology?

  2. On the one hand, the Du Pont duck mascot is intelligent enough to wear earmuffs. On the other, he’s stuck around here instead of flying south with the flock.  Is he a rugged individualist, or is he antisocial? Maybe both. And why should I want to buy anti-freeze from a duck with those kind of values?  This whole situation is fowl.

  3. Antifreeze back then wasn’t always ethylene glycol – even into the late 60s a lot of it was basically methanol (with some kind of dye in it so you know you’ve bought something, and how dilute it is in your radiator.)  The boiling point’s lower than water, so it wasn’t going to give you summer boil-over protection, but it was very effective at preventing freezing.  And no, you really didn’t want to drink it.

    We used the stuff in junior high school chemistry class – it was a cheap source of methanol.

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