Covers from 1960s Russian tech-youth mag, and other SF/space art of the era

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Dark Roasted Blend posted a fantastic gallery of pulp science fiction/space art from the mid-20th century. Above are covers of the Russian pop science magazine for young people, Tehnika Molodezhi ("Technology for the Youth"). "Rare & Wonderful 1950s Space Art" (Thanks, Ben Marks!)


    1.  This is generally the case with “soviet” SciFi-Books and their covers. Say what you will, some of the best Science Fiction ever was written in the eastern bloc.

  1. Any translators here?

    The sphere on the left, if I had to guess, is a planet transformed into a spaceship, with  domed cities and motors powered by geothermal taps. (Olaf Stapledon imagine interstellar travel via flying planet in Star Maker.)

    1. Yes, or a kind of a Dyson sphere. The cutaway on top shows a ‘protective cover, living and industrial belts, a subway and some piping (with the steam intakes)’. On the big cutaway the feeding system with the steaming water layer around the core also added. The motto is ‘through space into eternity’, but it sounds kinda overoptimistic on eternity taking into account a non-sustainable source of a steam.

  2. I want to make a “In Soviet Russia” joke about the gargantuan flying space-eyeball ship, but I can’t–it’s too awesome. 

  3. They also had The Neverending Story game for Russian programmable calculator in this magazine sometime around the film hit the screens (that was, of course, much later).

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