Fun mobile app:

I've been having fun playing a new iOS game called It reminds me of the wonderful University of Colorado Trivia Bowl I loved so much when I was in high school in Boulder. is a turn-based iOS game that's all about the challenge to beat your opponent by increasing your own IQ to genius status. Questions cover everything from Chuck Norris to historical events. The cool part is you don't only play against each other, but also against the question since the Elo rating can increase or fall depending on everybody's answers!

Challenge me to a match! My name is happyseamonkey.


  1. I’ve got about 6 games going now but nobody’s taken their turn for hours. I really do like this kind of game where you take your turns with online opponents once or twice a day.

  2. I like the idea but the questions all seemed very American based. Not being American made it quite tricky

  3. Hrm. My username appears to be Regina and it won’t let me change it….give it a try. I love trivia stuff

  4. IQ is intelligence, your ability to solve problems, not fact-based smarts. One can be very intelligent yet not be very smart. One can also be very smart but not very intelligent. They should change the description of the game.

  5. I’ve never understood how people can win this sort of thing fairly when someone else is probably googling all the answers in realtime…?

  6. Hey all, just to let you know, we are working on the random function for the build after next.  Also, many of the issues will be resolved in the next build which is awaiting Apple’s review.  We welcome your feedback, we want to make the best game possible.  If you need support or have ideas, add them here:  We really appreciate it!

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