Mac app changes desktop to local satellite image


Satellite Eyes is a free OS X app that automatically updates your desktop wallpaper with satellite imagery of your current location.


    1. Anyone know a good place where a URL could suck these down? If so, I might be able to applescript something similar for people on older systems.

  1. How does it figure out your location without GPS?  Surely IP whois info isn’t that accurate.

    1. My blackberry didn’t have GPS, but Google Maps could approximate my position within 300 ft based on signal strength of nearby cell towers. This feature seems to be disabled on phones with built-in GPS for some reason. It’s good enough for getting  “my location” to X directions though, which is all that really matters.

  2. dangit. It doesnt work in “snow leopard”. (i tried to install lion once and it slowed my computer down to the point of being impossible to work with). This is so far the first time an app I wanted required lion. booo hoo.

  3. Cue someone working on their mac in an airport and having the misfortune of a crazed person flipping out over an aerial picture of the airport on the screen and reporting them as a terrorist….

    1. I keep hoping something like that happens to me. I need my fifteen minutes of internet fame goddamnit!

  4. At first I thought this was cool but then I remembered I never go anywhere. Just seeing my house all the time would taunt me.

    1. Works on my dual screen just fine. The only problem is the map it pulled up shows that I’m working in a hole in the ground. Bing’s sat photo is so old that my place of employ is just a construction site, and we’ve been moved in here almost two years now.

  5. Would like to see continuous/1 per minute images from a satellite as it scrolls across the sky.   Your desktop would turn into a view out the space station (pinhole like) window.   Hell, a continuous view from the Space Station would be just as nice.

    1. My ipad is certainly more mobile than my mac’s desktop, though its home screen is also more cluttered with icons.

  6. Job #1 – go outside, lay Macbook on the ground with screen facing up.  Wait for the satellite to take a picture. 

  7. Is this something like live maps on android active background that everybody’s using for years now?
    Wouldnt it be far more useful on mobile then on desktop – looks like we have to wait few more years for apple to copy the idea properly, as usual.

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