Learn about climate, energy, and "the new normal" this weekend

I'm at the Aspen Environmental Forums, an annual conference focused on many different aspects of climate science, energy policy, conservation, and other environmental issues. You can follow along on Twitter with the tag #aef2012, and I'll be tweeting regularly from the panels I watch. For instance, if you check out the tag now, you can find some great tweets from last night, covering a discussion with Stewart Brand about biotech, cloning, and the possibility of reversing extinction.


  1. …but but, Al Gore exhales CO2 and occasionally uses transportation which utilizes fossil-fuels, therefore SO-CALLED global warming is a Myth!

    A non-scientist being paid big money via shady front-organizations working for the incumbent and highly-profitable fossil-fuel industry told me so. 

    So it MUST be true! 

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