Science fiction in Africa


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  1. pKp says:

    Freakin’ high time someone took an interest on non-Western cultures from a SF perspective…if anyone’s interested in that sort of things, Raphael Carter’s The Fortunate Fallis a must-read – it’s set in Russia, but Africa is hugely important to the plot and has underwent a cultural mutation that’s just amazing. Great book.

  2. digi_owl says:

    “to women in remote villages collecting water while chatting on their mobiles.”

    What a mental image.

    • bcsizemo says:

      That seems no stranger to me than the little kids I see running around talking and texting on their mobiles…

    • Saltine says:

      Yeah, what’s so bizarre about this image? The penetration of cell phones into Africa is one of the best things to happen in a long time. Cell phones have helped people get fair prices for their produce, share political news, connect with family, and so on. I have several Nigerian colleagues who routinely exchange calls with family members who live outside the major cities. And its worth keeping in mind that its much easier to install and maintain cell phone infrastructure than it is to maintain wires….

      And I agree with bcsizemo; what’s actually weird is kids aged 8-14 running around with smart phones, or college students wasting tuition money and their own time by sitting in class texting.

  3. Guido Lastname says:

    - I’m dutch -

    Well, she doesn’t appear too bright, but generally: she’s not a scientist and also propably just partly responsible for the priorities. Considering her performance I would rather have it she follows the priorities as given to her.

  4. kevix says:

    For Gnu/Linux folks: 
    get_iplayer –type radio

  5. Saltine says:

    I highly recommend Okrafor’s Who Fears Death? It’s a great read. I was sad that I couldn’t immediately read something else by her.

  6. NickPheas says:

    It’s available on iTunes as a podcast as well. Find the World Service Documentary Archive.

    But thanks for the heads up, looks interesting.

  7. 0pm0 says:

    Here’s an SF & Horror magazine from South Africa:
    They have an interview with Lauren Beukes at:

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