Daybreak - a zombie graphic novel starring YOU


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  1. MelSkunk says:

    I’ve read this. Some pretty interesting points, though I can’t say the ending was unexpected. It’s a lovely idea, but I found the art style didn’t aid in the idea of being immersive

    • petsounds says:

      Yeah, I can’t really see myself falling for the novelty when the art style is so abstracted. I guess I would ask the author why he felt he needed to go that route if his story and art are solid.

  2. thaum says:

    And for a minute I was afraid this would be about the zombies stealing all the McNuggets or something. ;)

  3. Richard Lack says:

    So this is second person!  I’ve never actually read anything from that perspective

  4. boxbrown says:

    totally innovative story telling.  I’ve heard it described as a “Ralph-person Shooter”

  5. GeorgeMokray says:

    So, zombie books are sorta kinda like Chinese food but the periodicity is not one hour but 24?

  6. Elwyn Arnell says:

    This is a superb series, probably my favorite comic ever. The artwork is enthrallingly beautiful, and done with such care that it utterly rewards rereading. There are all these amazing details and clever jokes kind of hidden throughout. And the characters are realistic but likeable. 

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