Turning your bike frame into a woven basket


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  1. Alexander Somma says:

    I always find that a long ribbon of double sided Velcro allows you to do things like this.

  2. Ipo says:

     Duct tape. 
    But that would make it permanent. 

  3. semiotix says:

    Actually, it’s not a thick rope, but a thin tape. Under tension. And those complex mechanical systems millimeters away have pointy bits!

    I’m sure the inventor is perfectly safe, but as for me and every other yahoo who’ll half-ass reading the directions, this is probably pretty dangerous.

    • John_Wilmot says:

       It isn’t tape, but the same weave that makes up most tension straps on backpacks. You can see that more clearly in the shot of the kit. Concerns about knees and baguettes aside, it should be pretty sturdy.

      • travtastic says:

        It’s webbing, presumably the standard nylon stuff. It’s fairly cheap.

        Absolutely dangerous when applied here, though. It would make a lot more sense to use the webbing to make a similar basket, and then attach that to the frame.

      • Richard Dagenais says:

        And another word for webbing is tape. Seriously, go to a climbing shop and ask.

  4. Paul Renault says:

    Me, I’d like to hear the engineering reasons why the not-really-rope has to be red.

  5. sjofels says:

    That bike has just to many gears, for this kind of product, also what happened to a good sized backpack?
    Then again I always wanted to crush perfectly good baguettes with my knees.

    • Symbiote says:

      Backpacks make your back sweaty, for all but the smallest distances and lowest speeds.

      • sjofels says:

        Then there are a legion of other products  like bags and binders that do a much nicer job of retaining your swag. (my bike bags can hold a 24 bottle crate of beer each, HURRAY!)
        There are even some that come in the same hipster-neon-odi grip style colors.

        And I’d much rather have a sweaty back than entanglement issues at 30kmh.

  6. Matt Fidler says:

    Why is this getting so much attention online?  It’s the exact opposite of intelligent elegant design.    

  7. Ian Wood says:

    A complicated and ineffective solution to a problem for which multiple and simpler proven solutions already exist.

  8. The adhesive worries me.

  9. joeposts says:

    Little known fact: The baguette was invented to make it easy to carry bread home from the boulangerie by strapping it to the frame of your bicyclette.

  10. Antinous / Moderator says:

    I see Isadora Duncan possibilities here.

  11. Peppermint says:

    Sadly, another fun and interesting object that women will have to do without…

  12. stumo says:

    Fairly sure this would screw up my gears and rear brakes – and if you get a crosswind you’ll suddenly notice it a lot more. 

  13. L_Mariachi says:

    Makes it a lot harder to carry your bike up and down stairs.

  14. mccrum says:

    No water bottle or bike pump for you!

    Unless you have a basket, which would be pretty amusing…

    • The bottle could be on the underside of the down tube, or attached to the back of the seat, triathlon style, or pushed into the webbing more likely. 40 odd years ago my mum made a bag to go in that part of the frame when I had a job delivering junk mail.

  15. Richard Dagenais says:

    What’s wrong with a backpack?

  16. noah django says:

    I ˆwantˆ this to work, but I just don’t see it.  Maybe if the strapping was slightly elasticized?  Otherwise it’ll be loose under no load and therefore in the way.

    I’m intrigued.  If I come across a bunch of springy webbing, I’ll see what I can come up with and get back to y’all.

    one thing’s for sure, I’ll be damned if I lace my ride with bright red.

  17. vinculture says:

    You might as well ask me to cut my brake lines as attach that thing, because it looks like having much the same effect on safety. And, go on the sidewalk? Don’t think so.

  18. hadlockk says:

    Re: testing it on the sidewalk; it’s illegal to ride on the sidewalks in many cities.

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