Cat playing guitar interrupted by earthquake

[Video Link] A cat named Steven was playing guitar when an earthquake struck in Melbourne, Australia last week, causing it to stop for a moment.

(Via Arbroath)


  1. When you have a song in your heart, everything else is just an annoying distraction.

  2. Given that the Richter scale confuses everyone anyway why not just measure earthquakes by how many cats they stop from making youtube videos?

    1. Looks exactly like it, but without the earthquake type of sound effects and camera shake. Both are still amusing videos.

  3. Of course.  Why even HAVE a Cat Steven if you’re not going to teach him to play guitar?

  4. What I find fascinating is how a subjectively “interesting/amusing” story albeit fiction tends to have more value than plain truth. The fact that four tv news networks used the video as material is hilarious.

    It’s also really cool and slightly alarming that a piece of media can be edited so quickly, released into the wild, and then be incorporated into news as information.

  5. I’m not impressed with the laid-back picking. Even if their name is Steven, any self-respecting cat would be shredding!

  6. That it’s fake makes a lot of sense; as mentioned in the Reddit thread, earthquakes here in Melbourne are rare as hell and spook the crap out of us; this is only the second or third one anywhere near this strong that I’ve felt, and I’m 37. Maybe a Japanese or San Franciscan camera operator could be so chilled, but no Melburnian, I bet…

    Funny how that wasn’t enough to cause anyone in four news networks to check… also, I felt it almost as strongly as it appeared in the vid (like 3/4), and the duration was far shorter, maybe a third of that amount of activity tops.

  7.  Yeah, as an L.A. resident who’s been through a number of shakes, that “earthquake” didn’t ring true.  They don’t come and go like that and they don’t sound like that … .

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