Key to the Gustavademecum


4 Responses to “Key to the Gustavademecum”

  1. SedanChair says:

    Two thoughts:

    1) Yelp commenters now have a model to strive towards
    2) Classiness has taken a nose-dive since the mid-20th century

    • retchdog says:

      the classiness of this line is a bit questionable by modern standards, though i’ll grant you the rest: “14: Qw: quality of waiters. f: female, m: male. Blackface type: negro. Figures give observed estimated IQ/100.”

  2. AlexG55 says:

    I hate it when televised entertainment confounds my deipnosophy…

  3. awjt says:

    Where’s the “heterochromatic fish frieze”???

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