Mind Blowing Movies: What's New Pussycat?, by Richard Metzger


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  1. millie fink says:

    I was surprised by how late Woody Allen shows up in this trailer. I guess he was second banana at that point to Peter S.

    • wizardru says:

      Well, this was actually Woody Allen’s first produced script.  Most of his best lines/role was given to Peter Sellers, when he joined the picture.  Apparently, Allen was pretty unhappy with how it played out and this was one of the reasons he eventually worked so hard to make films entirely under his own control. 

  2. Boundegar says:

    I wonder why the parachute is not ripping her violently out of the convertible?

  3. Tchoutoye says:

    Ahhhh… Arsula Undress.

  4. ocker3 says:

    I’ve long felt that the go-cart chase at the end is an excellent example of comedic surrealism

  5. Pólya Dániel says:

    Yep, that’s one good movie. Sounds like it blown the writer’s pants rather than his mind, though. :) 

    I would really, really like to see Aguirre: Der Zorn Gottes on this list. That’s a mind-blowing movie, if I’ve ever seen one. 

  6. B E Pratt says:

    I remember seeing this at a theater when it first came out. Of course, I was just a kid but it had Peter Sellers in it and that was enough for me. Another movie from this time period that someone should work up for ‘Mind-Blowing Movies’ is the original Casino Royale, one total mess of a movie. It has not one, not two but SIX Bonds in it. Lines like, “Don’t breathe that gas! It’s deadly lysergic acid diethylamide!!!” And check out who’s in it:  Peter Sellers, David Niven, Woody Allen, Ursula Andress, Orson Welles, William Holden, Charles Boyer, John Huston, Angelica Huston, George Raft, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Jacqueline Bisset and even Peter O’toole! What’s not to like? Totally weird.

  7. wizardru says:

    “This Picture is recommended for Adults Only.”


  8. Mark Norris says:

    Cameo by Richard Burton in the bar scene, he says to O’Toole. “Shakespeare was the greatest man that ever breathed.” In Casino Royal Peter O’Toole’s cameo line is “Richard Burton was the greatest man that ever breathed.” Someone needs to make a movie with the line, “Peter O’Toole was the greatest man that ever breathed.” Maybe Woody Allen…

    • Felton / Moderator says:

      Someone needs to make a movie with the line, “Peter O’Toole was the greatest man that ever breathed.”

      David should have said that in Prometheus.

    • Kimmo says:

      I’m not sure any mere thespian could ever be elevated to on par with the Immortal Bard…

      Also, DaVinci > Shakespeare, for mine

  9. penguinchris says:

    I saw this last year at my parents’ house – Peter Sellers was “Star of the Month” on Turner Classic Movies and they showed loads of his films. I was already a big Sellers fan and I’d seen a bunch already (though not this one) and I watched as many as I could manage.

    I also love both Peter O’Toole and Woody Allen, but I didn’t really enjoy this film. It’s not as bad as Casino Royale, which I could only sit through part of (I’ll give it another shot sometime)… something about this style of 60′s comedy just doesn’t really work for me – the individually excellent parts (particularly the actors) don’t come together to form a coherent and/or funny whole. 

    Despite that I have seen dozens of these types of films – the other 60′s Woody Allen films, lots of Peter Sellers films, and tons more I can’t think of at the moment – I’m always willing to give them a shot especially if some of my favorite actors are in them. There are dashes of brilliant jokes occasionally, but most of these movies are a slog – even true classics like the Pink Panther series (which I love anyway).

    I think it’s great that this was chosen as part of this series, because it illustrates an important point – a movie doesn’t have to actually be particularly good, or hold up over time, to blow your mind (especially if you’re seven years old when you watch it).

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