"Once again, no history": Sen. Chuck Grassley's regular updates on the state of The History Channel


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  1. That_Anonymous_Coward says:

    You know I feel the same way about Congress.
    They are supposed to be passing laws and doing the work to benefit the nation, but they seem to be stuck having who has got the bigger balls contest.

    Are you sure the tweests are real?  This is a good way to check…

    • spejic says:

      There is a reason why this is important to Congress. Years ago during an attempt to cut funding to Public Television, the main argument for was that private cable channels (like The History Channel) were already providing educational and documentary programming, and PBS wasn’t needed.

  2. Jonathan Badger says:

    Of course, when it did show history 10 or 15 years ago, it was known as the Hitler channel as it showed endless WW2 footage…

  3. Navin_Johnson says:

    Seriously, if it’s not something like: Bog Folk, Raccoon Grapplers, or Antique Mall Jerks, then it’s Ancient UFO Mummy Pilots of Jerusalem.

  4. Lord Byte says:

    Maybe they should just pull a Sy Fy and call it the Hi! Story channel :)

  5. Sean Breakey says:

    Back in the day The Learning  Channel had Learning, History Channel had History, Space Channel Space, and the Discovery Channel Science.  As proof positive of how bad this is getting, Discovery has a spin off called Discovery SCIENCE.

  6. iheijoushin says:

    Glad to see not all Conservatives are a bunch of anti-intellectuals. If only folks like Grassley raised their voice more in defense of the value of education and life-long learning. Fight the good fight!

  7. Ashen Victor says:

    I have an explanation for all of this:


  8. MooseDesign says:

    I’m waiting for him to turn his gaze and lambasting back to FOX once he realizes how little information there is about Vulpes vulpes (foxes).

  9. humanresource says:

    Won’t somebody, PLEASE, think of the Nazis?

  10. kent williams says:

    Sympathize all you want with with Grassley’s complaints about History Channel, but be aware that he’s a right-wing conservative, was one of the original purveyors of the ‘Death Panel’ myth about the Health Care Reform Bill, and in general is a disagreeable old coot.

    I’m 54 years old, and I remember the beginning of his political career, in the 1970s.  Back then I started seeing his campaign ads and thought ‘who is this idiot?’  Apparently an idiot with staying power.  His exaggerated corn-pone accent, his hyper-politicized alignment with the most partisan and destructive wing of the GOP, all make cringe every time he comes up in conversation.

    I guess he should be thankful for Steve King, who is a bigger moron than he is. Otherwise he’d stand alone as Iowa’s foremost laughing stock.

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