Successful Drawing, an instructional art book by Andrew Loomis


13 Responses to “Successful Drawing, an instructional art book by Andrew Loomis”

  1. Mister44 says:

    Loomis was a master.

  2. noah django says:

    trying to draw the window-frame in the first pic would probably break my brain.

    • finjamin says:

       I agree… that window alone is a technical humdinger.  Zounds.

      • noah django says:

         If I can reference a model or a photo, I can do some nice things, but drafting up a scene like that is beyond my ken.  Loomis makes it look simple and I’m jealous.  I reckon I need to get his books, eh?

  3. nvlady says:

    Being an illustrator, I have hunted down a few of the original printings of his books. He was the master of the generic figure. Its so great to see his books finally in reprint.

  4. sam1148 says:

    15 years too late Mrs. Alexander finally gets accepted to Hogwarts.

  5. Melinda9 says:

    Very elegant – I will definitely seek out this book.

  6. jwkrk says:

    The good old days, when living rooms had 25 foot ceilings…

    • PatriciaB says:

      Good old days?  Haven’t you seen young couples salivate over “cathedral ceilings” on HGTV (just after they’ve sniffed about the lack of granite counters in the kitchen)?

  7. I love how his books are addressed to people who might actually be considering a career in art/illustration. 

  8. Dub Google says:

    Reminds me of “How to draw an owl” (GIS. Look for the one that starts with 2 simple interlocking cirles)

  9. sean says:

    I had the Andrew Loomis figure- drawing book, but it never worked right. My figures always looked like crap. What a con man!

  10. sean says:

    My favorite Loomis book was “Knees and Ankles For The Beginner”. That man really had a way with a talocrural joint.

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