Brain Rot: The Red Tube Bar Tapes

I had to attend a comic convention this past week to support my Wizzywig graphic novel, which made a new Hip Hop Family Tree strip impossible. It'll be back next week though.



  1. I’ve still got my billionth-generation dub cassette of pre-CD, pre-internet Jerky Boys prank calls, which I got all the way down in TN, passed literally from one hand to the next.  So funny to think that we’ve always had viral culture that was just waiting on the internet to be invented.

    And then there’s this guy:

    “you had better get down on your knees and pray tonight”
    “well, I can’t get down on my knees, you see, I’ve got a calcium deposit on my right knee..”

    beware of the imitator roy d. mercer

    1.  Yes!  I had dubbed copies of the “Leroy Mercer” stuff back in the 90s and I bought the *real* cd of it from his relative directly.
      It was so obnoxious to see all those fake cds come out, by what iirc were some morning zoo guys trying to cash in on the idea.

  2. May want to exercise care before Googling for Red Tube. There’s a NSFW site using the name.

    Uh – I don’t use it!

    Far too slow and the definition is appalling.

    That definition thing may just be my eyes. 

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