Final episode of Search Engine podcast


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  1. I look forward to see what Jesse’s next project will be. He does a great show.

  2. hughstimson says:

    It continues to blow my mind that the CBC couldn’t find the resources to fund Search Engine even as a podcast, even when that podcast was one of the most popular in its category in the world, to the extent that it even *had* a category. (But somehow they keep cranking hard-hitting incisive “Spark” out week after week.)

    I suppose I’ve listened to every Search Engine episode from the beginning to the end. Jesse is a crackerjack journalist and does a killer interview, particularly with domestic politicians. I’ll miss the show, and I’m looking forward to seeing what he pulls together next, given some time to scheme on it.

  3. bigorangemachine says:

    I listened to Search Engine since the very beginning.  Each week (at the time) CBC would provide super high quality content.  Sadly when Jesse left the CBC (the beginning of a long line of Podcasts cancelled) it looked to be the end of Search Engine only to be thrown a life preserver at TVO.

    Every week he filled my mind with modern internet philosophy and food for thought.  Interviews with Anon.!  Grilled some politicians (especially on C-36/C-11).  Inflated my ballon for social media.  I believe he also mentioned boingboing in one podcast and turned me right onto here.  Definitely a guy who can see where the puck is going.

    I hope he can start a kickstarter! I don’t donate to much but I’d throw hard earned money at Jessie!

  4. Rob Whyte says:

    I was listening to the episode this afternoon and I thought for just a second that the cuckoo clock chime right after your comment about the fungibility of modern computer-controlled electronics was a sound effect added as commentary by Jesse…

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