King City: awesomely weird, silly/funny sf comic


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  1. Lemoutan says:

    $11 translates to £12 Interesting.

  2. winter67uk says:

    After last week’s disappointing material collected into a collection, I look forward to this week’s serial collected into a mammoth trade paperback edition.  That sounds like it holds a lot of serial, which I like with milk.

  3. Egypt Urnash says:

    King City is a lot of fun. I’m looking forwards to Multiple Warheads, his next personal project.

    Graham has also been involved in a reboot of Leifeld’s “Prophet” that is mind-boggling; he’s described where he’s aiming for as “Conan in Space”. It’s been delightfully inventive and clever so far, and has been getting me into the comics shop on a regular basis again for the first time in years.

    • Brian Quinn says:

      could not agree more in regards to getting my butt in a shop too.  And tomorrow seesthe release of the Prophet issue that Brandon illustrated as well.  Can’t wait!

  4. firmanfajar says:

    Interesting book

  5. sarble montegue says:

    Buy local!  
    It’s $19 on the back cover. Which is still a massive value for 400+ pages of awesome.
    Go pick it up at your local comic shop.

    bad cory, no doughnut.

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