Lobby card for a movie that should have existed: "The War With Myself"

From the Boing Boing Flickr Pool, Adam Baron's fab "The War With Myself" photo-collage in the form of a lobby card for a film that never existed (but should have).

The War With Myself


  1. There was “The Man Who Haunted Himself”, starring Roger Moore. But this looks like it would be 11 times better.

  2. Though it’s not perfect, I love the concept and execution – from a distance you’d easily be fooled at first glance into thinking it was an actual poster from the 50’s.

    But man, that is a bad suit and nowhere near the model’s size (it’s for a much taller man and not just the trousers, the jacket’s too long for him).

  3. Well the winner’s not likely to be any of those jokers. Looks like he’s wearing a raincoat.

  4. I saw a comic with a similar premise, it may have been posted on Drawn.ca, a man living in a world where everyone else is himself, possibly semi-autobiographical, I’m not sure. Ring any bells? 

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