Lobby card for a movie that should have existed: "The War With Myself"

From the Boing Boing Flickr Pool, Adam Baron's fab "The War With Myself" photo-collage in the form of a lobby card for a film that never existed (but should have).

The War With Myself


11 Responses to “Lobby card for a movie that should have existed: "The War With Myself"”

  1. Hanglyman says:

    There was “The Man Who Haunted Himself”, starring Roger Moore. But this looks like it would be 11 times better.

  2. penguinchris says:

    Though it’s not perfect, I love the concept and execution – from a distance you’d easily be fooled at first glance into thinking it was an actual poster from the 50′s.

    But man, that is a bad suit and nowhere near the model’s size (it’s for a much taller man and not just the trousers, the jacket’s too long for him).

  3. benher says:

    Oh, that glitchy Matrix!

  4. pjcamp says:

    Well the winner’s not likely to be any of those jokers. Looks like he’s wearing a raincoat.

  5. My money’s on the giant guy.

  6. JontKopeck says:

    I saw a comic with a similar premise, it may have been posted on Drawn.ca, a man living in a world where everyone else is himself, possibly semi-autobiographical, I’m not sure. Ring any bells? 

  7. Gary61 says:

    Hey – that’s me! I told myself not to do that ….

  8. It brings to mind the underrated tv series “My Own Worst Enemy” featuring Christian Slater.

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