High-speed computer vision system beats you at Rock, Paper, Scissors every time


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  1. Glen Able says:

    Apparently the reason it did so well in its training for this game was because it was threatened with a lifetime of cleanup duty at Fukushima if it failed.

  2. Bashtarle says:

    That was darn fast but you could definitely tell a few times that the machine selected after the human had thrown. Even before they slowed the footage down. 

    The general moral of the story being, in the future don’t let a round of RPS decide anything between you and an AI because they will cheat :)

  3. Paul Knights says:

    Rock paper scissors is played by choosing the item at the same time, this is choosing the item after the other player. Therefore humans win by default since it is cheating.

  4. Just_Ok says:

    spray paint in your other hand, or use a strong magnet.

  5. Listener43 says:

    Is this a secondary Turing test? The ability to cheat successfully is evidence of nefarious intent, and intent is somehow related to intelligence?
    Sorry Ishikawa Oku Lab, my father, Listener 42, told me that cheaters never prosper.

  6. janusnode says:

    I for one welcome our new robot overlords.

  7. Christopher says:

    Wasn’t this a Doctor Who episode? Oh yeah…Destiny Of The Daleks.

  8. disillusion says:

    The problem is it’s not conscious of its cheating, but rather is just doing what is what programmed to do. therefore there is no real nefarious intent.  If, by design, it could win at RPS without having the delay and STILL chose to cheat, THEN you’d have something.

  9. bcsizemo says:

    Since it can play the basic 3 option design…lets bump it up to the 25.

    And when you think the system has mastered that, go for 101.

    You might need another camera and certainly another hand…

  10. Rory Barr says:

    Christ, what an asshole.

  11. austinhamman says:

    when you play robots(or amps) make sure you play under a cloth, then pull off the cloth(in a direction obscuring the robots view so you see before they do)

  12. georgebailey says:

    Listen, and understand.  That terminator is out there.  It can’t be bargained with.  It can’t be reasoned with.  It can’t lose at roshambo . . .

  13. Ryan Lenethen says:

    Prediction: It will win until it plays a Wookie, at which point it will either be defeated, or lose a couple of arms…

  14. GyroMagician says:

    This is exactly why I gave up robotics. And why I miss it.

  15. LinkMan says:

    It’s a good thing David chose to play the WOPR at tic tac toe and not RPS.

  16. Boundegar says:

    This is only Phase I of the Human Instrumentality Project.

  17. emo hex says:

    Can’t win against SLEDGE HAMMER!

  18. crummett says:

    As Leverage’s hitter Elliot Spenser says to hacker Hardison after he always beats him at RPS, “You’ve got a tell.”

  19. mothernatureseven says:

    a computer game that cheats ~ what a high minded use of new computer power ~ to frack over human contenders

  20. Anon_Mahna says:

    Keep your left arm off camera, motion with the right , toss sign with left.

  21. Jack Everitt says:

    I don’t understand why this is interesting. 

  22. Nadreck says:

    First chess; now this!  How is this thing at guessing your PIN by analysing your forearm movements as you punch it in?

  23. robdobbs says:

    I wonder how this robot would fair against itself?

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