Ringbow: Bluetooth game controller you wear on your finger


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  1. Mike Meyer says:

    ah, but is it embossed to say ‘BIG OL NERD’ when you take it off your finger?

  2. Arduenn says:

    Not sure if I want to wear a bulky plastic thing on my finger while gaming or manipulating stuff on a screen, especially after seeing this Minority Report-like thingie that doesn’t need any accessories whatsoever: http://youtu.be/_d6KuiuteIA .

  3. theophrastvs says:

    (typing of big*old*nerd) wasn’t there a star-trek TNG where they were playing some game and had a bunch of *wires* (no wireless in the 24th century) on their fingers… ah yes, here: http://en.memory-alpha.org/wiki/Strategema    hm, probably no inspiration there ala communicators and cell-phones …nah.

  4. ifriit says:

    Actually, it’s $45 to get one.  $35 was for the first 200.

  5. Itsumishi says:

    Is it just me or is the ‘Ringbow” nothing more than a bluetooth d-pad wrapped in an ugly plastic enclosure?

  6. Ian Wood says:

    I am intrigued by its possible applications in the field of teledildonics.

    Which is unfortunate, because there aren’t any. Not really.

  7. glittalogik says:

    This would make an amazingly easy-to-lose HTPC controller. I want it!

  8. francoisroux says:

    After spiral cutting my wiener I find it a little difficult to wear… oh wait, finger worn…

  9. Tim in SF says:

    Hey Cory, was that quote translated from Japanese? 

  10. John Thomas says:

    it’s look pretty cool to use and feel some difference.

  11. HahTse says:

    I call Bullshytt. (not bullshit, mind you.)

  12. liquidstar says:

    It’s nice to see Dr. Who is still inspiring design strategies.

  13. Joshua Botha says:

    This is an amazing product !! i hope it becomes an international one too!! You guys should approach Wii for funding!!   

  14. Vickie Kostecki says:

    This might be an interesting alternative to a trackpad on a laptop.  Trackpads are the main reason I rarely use laptops.

  15. groovyeyal says:

    Take my money.

  16. Jim Baur says:

    What are you looking at?? The camera is over here!  Hey!  Over here!

  17. pKp says:

    “Ringbow multiplies the functionality of your finger together with allowing amazing simultaneous actions.”

  18. Kimmo says:

    Nobody’s mentioned the coolest thing about this – one of the colours is called blouis c.k.

  19. eljefe900 says:

    I don’t need this for my iPad! I need this for my Kinect! So I can control my movement through space as in most traditional games!

  20. penguinchris says:

    I’ve been mulling over designs for a similar device for years. I want to be able to scroll through e.g. BoingBoing comment threads while using my hands for something else (such as eating – get your mind out of the gutter), or just leaning back with my hands behind my head relaxing. 

    I thought of something like this but I don’t think it’s ideal for my needs because if I’m doing something with both hands it won’t work. My next idea was to have something controlled by the foot – at its simplest it could just be a single programmable bluetooth keyboard button; for scrolling you’d set it to the down arrow. The problem there is that my feet aren’t always on the ground. What I need is a mind-scrollbar interface.

    Since the Ringbow is essentially one of my ideas come to life I’m rather tempted… I guess I’d need to know if it will actually work to scroll on computers.

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