Short film about sound design in Brave

[Video Link]SoundWorks profiled Brave director Mark Andrews, re-recording mixer and sound designer Gary Rydstrom, supervising sound Editor Gwen Yates Whittle, and sound designer E.J. Holowicki about their work on the movie.

SoundWorks Collection: Brave


        1. Still works with animation: you there, make her walk to the right! Make the extras walk to the left.

  1. I hated Brave.  It was just like every other recent Disney Princess movie.  ‘A strong -willed princess square peg is trying to be stuffed into a round hole by her parents.  A dangerous act of rebellion by the princess turns into reconciliation and a deeper understanding and appreciation between parents and child”  Awwww!!!! 

    1. what? didn’t you just get it by the trailer? That’s exactly what the movie is about, with pluses. I recommend you watching it again, later. 

      But I mean, don’t go see a movie with a bunch of expectations. Enjoy it for what it is…

  2. One more thing – what’s weird about this film is it appears both the mother and father are alive. How many films do they have where one or the other is dead?

  3. Hurrah!  BoingBoing and sound design, my two favorite things!  Fun Movie too.  I saw it at the Seattle International Film Festival.  

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