Special "Kids Summer Fun Guide" issue of MAKE on sale for $5


5 Responses to “Special "Kids Summer Fun Guide" issue of MAKE on sale for $5”

  1. jackruby1123 says:

    As a professional washtub bass player this is awesome.

  2. Mac says:

    Looks cool, but shipping is nearly the same price as the magazine.  

  3. irksome says:

    40-odd (…) years ago, I ruined a perfectly good washtub so I could play along to Jim Kweskin. It’s harder than it looks.

    “Now the time has come, to turn the record ooohh-veeerrrr”

  4. Disappointed with this one. Just bought the pdf, but there is not more in there than a list of stuff to do, not really how to do them (except for a few)

  5. jimintampa says:

    Please get a better transcriber for the voice to text- looks like it was run through a garbleizer.

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