Kingdom Rush available on iPhone

[Video Link] My favorite tower defense game is Kingdom Rush. You can play it online for free, and there's also an iPad version. I don't want to admit how many hours I spent playing it on my iPad. (I will say that I finally finished the game by playing it the entire time I was on a plane from Los Angeles to New York and back to Los Angeles earlier this month.)

The cartoonish art is very appealing, as are the monsters and towers. The goal of the game, like all tower defense games, is to prevent the invading hordes from making it through a gate to your kingdom at one end of the display. You do this by placing towers staffed with archers, knights, magicians, and cannoneers along the path that the monsters run down (the monsters appear from a trail emanating on the opposite side of the display). As you kill the monsters, you collect gold, which can be used to buy more towers. Even though there are a few more bells and whistles, it's a simple game -- but addictive.

Today, Kingdom Rush became available as an iPhone app. I would say that the $.99 price tag is a bargain, but if take into account the otherwise productive hours you will spend playing it, the true cost is far more.

Kingdom Rush


  1. I am obsessed with this game. I have 3star+ completed EVERYTHING, plus challenges, and I STILL play it. I can’t see it being as good on a small screen though, could get frustrating.

    new content please!!!

  2. I LOVE tower defense games.  I’ve played them all.  I’ve even written one.  Kingdom Rush is the best one.  I’ve played it through from fresh start to end at least 3 times.  99 cents is a steal.

      1. Runestone Defense:  It’s free to play, written in HTML5 / Javascript.

        I didn’t want to spam the link, but since you asked… :)

        1. That was fun! I liked the idea of building walls to force the monsters to go through a maze of towers.

          1. Thanks, you guys.  Mark, I realize the first level is maybe too hard, that’s why, in the docs, I show the beginnings of a good solution.

    1. I have never designed a tower defense game, but I’ve played a ton of them, and I totally agree: Kingdom Rush is awesome.  I’m not sure why it is … maybe the variety of enemy abilities and strengths and weaknesses?  Maybe the depth of choices the game offers in terms of play styles?   

      I don’t know how they did it, but I’d be interested to hear what a game developer thinks they got right.

  3. I enjoy the iPhone version when I am wearing reading glasses. Otherwise it does kind of look like little bugs running across the screen.

  4. I loved Kingdom Rush! I played it all the way through, and started the special challenges.

    The little trolls and wolves and spiders are so cute. I like that style of fantasy art.

  5. I spent FAR too much time on this game… .managed to finish it with all the stars and extra challenges, then did it all again with no upgrades. That took forever. I had a very unproductive month. A fun one though!

  6. Great time waster. Lots of fun. Many variables. Game was made in Uruguay. 

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