Miami cannibal wasn't on "bath salts"

The horrific story of Florida cannibal Rudy Eugene, who ate the face off homeless man Ronald Poppo last month before being killed by police, made "bath salts" a household term. Turns out though, Eugene wasn't on bath salts. Or LSD. Or synthetic marijuana. Or alcohol. Or prescription drugs. According to CNN, medical examiners found THC in his system. Please, no "munchies" jokes.


  1. One of the news reports had an interview with his girlfriend, who said he’d decided a couple days earlier to stop smoking marijuana, which he had been using large quantities of to deal with his anger problems.

    1. There was also a post that I believe was hosted on this site blaming his abstaining from marijuana for the bout of extreme rage.

      1. If I recall correctly, it wasn’t so much blaming the abstinence  from marijuana for the rage, rather pointing out that he had underlying anger issues of which he used marijuana to cope. 

        He had recently decided to quit, so there indeed would still be traces of THC in his system. Now they have a taboo substance to point their fingers at and say “this must be what made him do it” to help us further forget that we actually do have Free Will and are responsible for our own actions.

        I smoke it regularly myself, and whether stoned or sober have never had the urge to eat someone’s face. I have however used it to mellow myself out when I’ve been overly angry at someone or something.

  2. I just want to say that I get angry too… but I don’t ever think about eating peoples faces…

    Ok.. back to the “cannibal”
    Its nice to know that he was either:
    A. On something they did not test for (new and or odd synthetic)
    B. Way beyond batshit crazy.

    A. could be a problem if there is more floating around.
    B. is probably not contagious, unless of course there is some sort of virus that causes people to eat faces etc. causing the virus to spread as more and more people become bitten and infected.

    Will it be turned into a TV show called “The Walking after recently giving up Pot”?

  3. I, for one, am shocked that a ‘fact’ that originated as a police union official unrelated to the case(and, if the department was of any significant size, probably more related to labor relations than policing) speculating on TV about the cause of the crime before the body was cold or the lab guys had even had a chance to break out the science machines, was blatantly false…

    The disconcerting thing is that it was so readily picked up… Even if cops didn’t already have a reputation for, er, epistemological flexibility when it comes to reports, how would an unrelated person with no test information from the scene possibly know anything useful? And why wouldn’t a reporter ask them that?

    1. Keep that $5 and save up for a dimebag and chill. Pot is as responsible for this crime as oxygen is. The guy had some issues.

      1. I bet you an ounce he also had dihydrogen monoxide in his system, too!!! That shit makes you BATTY!

  4. He was also characterized as a very religious person.

    …afaik Weed doesn’t turn you into an aggressive zombie…

      1. You Monster! “Jenkem” killed my nearest-non-verifiable-relative-and/or-friend-of-a-friend’s best friend!

    1. What is impressive is that they managed to slander somebody who had already been caught on tape growling and eating a guy’s face

      1.  I wish there were an extreme cross-country car race involved:

        The Cannonball Cannibalabis.

    1.  Eugene carried a Bible that day, which was later found at the scene. 
      We might have to reconsider the legality of those books. 

  5. But but but how can we keep the media hype about bath salts, K2, Spice, et al going when we start having to report the truth rather than assumptions??
    News stations in the Detroit area carried out a huge campaign  to stop these horrible drugs by shaming stores carrying perfectly legal products, pretending they were supposed to ID customers, and point to a few tragic deaths. 
    Death from smoking a basically unknown substance isn’t the fault of the maker, the seller, the parents, it is the fault of the person who bought it, lit it, inhaled it.
    More people still die in drunk driving incidents (being drunk and driving isn’t an accident, unless your the victim), but there isn’t this giant media out pouring against it…
    And it was nice how one of the tragic parents kept pointing out there was no treatment centers in the state and you needed to go to a certain place out of state for the proper treatment…

  6. Well, now that this evidence has come to light, I’m sure every responsible media outlet will release corrections and apologies ad nauseum in order to suppress any confusion caused by their previous dissemination of disinformation regarding conscious altering substances. 

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