Rare three-axle 1959 Lincoln

Phil Are Go has performed the vital service of close-cropping the finned beast from this 1959 Lincoln ad, for your clip-art pleasure, but not before adding a much-needed third axle. A vanilla two-axle model is also available.

1959 Lincoln - Fab one and a half.


  1. Rare 3-axle Porsche 928: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YClqEQftcdY&feature=player_embedded

    1.  Like the 6×6 Unimogs!   Those dual rear axles are all rainbows and unicorns ’till somebody puts a doughnut spare on one wheel.

  2. Is this fine automobile also available in a half-tracked version?  I think such a motorcar would be fabulous!

  3. That would actually make sense to have on a hearse; I’ve read of more than one would-be Harold (from Harold & Maude) buying a used hearse only to find out that years or even decades of hauling around heavy coffins and their contents has completely crapped out the suspension. 

  4. When you think about it, it’s really amazing that nobody built a three-axle SUV during the height of that craze.  It would have been only slightly more ridiculous than the 70-ton Ford Excursion.

  5. I always wanted the 1959 Chrysler Patton – equipped with tank treads to go with the sleek fins. 

  6. A number of companies have produced 6×4 or 6×6 versions of the Land Rover / Range Rover over the years. The most sensible purpose I’ve seen for these was to create fire engines for small airfields – so they’re carrying a heavy rear load over soft terrain.

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