Republican conventions better for strip bars than Democratic ones


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  1. Zagrobelny says:

    Tampa is nationally known for its proliferation of strip clubs, like the famed Mons Venus and 2001 with the UFO on the roof.  (I guess it’s the champagne room up there.)   No wonder the GOP picked this place for its convention. 

    • CognitiveDissident says:

      Exactly my thought, the Tampa strip clubs were a very strong reason to pick Tampa.
      No one’s being fooled, except the Religious Right.

      In all seriousness, maybe Grover Norquist can come up with a “no strip clubs” pledge just in time for the convention that will please the base. And the Religious Right can enforce it by monitoring patrons going into the clubs! Money where the mouth is and all that.

      “Newt! You bad boy! We caught you!”

      (Actually, on second thought nix that idea, that would hurt the women most of all, they’re just trying to get by.)

    • Mons dosent have the Space Ship wrong club Obama Lover!

  2. In 1964, Carol Doda got a boob job and performed topless, a first for the era here in the US.  The GOP, in San Francisco for their National Convention,  crowded the club nightly and secured her place in history.

    Also related: Red states consuming the most online porn are most likely to have supported Rick Santorum’s run for president.

    I think this is called “cognitive dissonance.”

    • Kimmo says:

      Puritanism = fail

    • CognitiveDissident says:

      You rang?

      • CognitiveDissident says:

        A modern human who won’t admit to cognitive dissonance is a lier.
        If I can hack my own brain (and discover the ways I can be manipulated by propaganda), then maybe that will give me insight to how others are manipulated, too.

        The sad part is that some people WANT to be lied to (it can be more comforting), I’d rather figure out where the curtain is and pull it back (sometimes it’s a real drag), but I’ll admit i don’t always know where to find it, or others may not want you to look!

  3. RyRoBa says:

    This reminds of a quote from a sex worker in some old issue of George (I think?) magazine.   When asked if business was better during Republican or Democratic conventions- her reply was something along the lines of “Republican for sure, the Democrats only want to fuck eachother”

  4. Cowicide says:

    I imagine there’s also an uptick for discreet call boys.

  5. Teller says:

    Trickle down at work.

  6. Felton / Moderator says:

    Grand Old Party indeed!

  7. pjcamp says:

    NPR goes to strip clubs? Suddenly I see a guy in a tweed jacket and TS Eliot specs, with a fistful of nickels, saying “Hasten hither, my good woman.” I hear Ira Glass calling for a lap dance.

  8. for_SCIENCE says:

    Hey now, protecting ‘Family Values’ ™ is hard work, and sometime you just need to cut loose…

  9. weldeng says:

    Why is no one taking pictures of all these guys at the clubs and using it for political purposes? “The Senator from Texas says  we need to get government spending down. If that’s true, we should reduce his salary since he’s just stuffing it into Debbie’s thong!”

    • CognitiveDissident says:

      That is a REALLY good idea. Collecting information and using it as political leverage!

      I think that J. Edgar Hoover was the last person to do that, but no one does that now because it is morally wrong and all. And everyone who says, “I’m not doing anything wrong, so I have nothing to hide or fear.” has nothing to worry about! Thank God for computers, so many bit and bytes and 0′s and 1′s, it’s so confusing that it’s keeping everyone honest somehow.

      So, to summarize, no-one is monitoring every single national politician’s every move so that their votes can influenced because that would be morally wrong. Graft is the way to go, make ‘em feel special (so they don’t really relate to their constituents) and give them all kind of “favors”. If you can’t buy ‘em, then give up, because the next step would be using information about them, against them, but that doesn’t/can’t/won’t happen because that would be morally wrong!

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