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Demigod designer Philippe Starck has perfectly deconstructed the wristwatch by completely eliminating the center of the dial. All that is left is a big hole, where traditional timekeeping has been flushed down the horological toilet. Surrounding the negative space is something not quite digital and not quite analog, co-existing in the perfectly designed Starck O-Ring Watches.

Minutes are seen as liquid crystal segments growing clockwise around the donut-shaped LCD display. The digital representation of hours show through the blocks as positive or negative, depending where the minute "hand" is located. Simply put, it's revolutionary. See all the Philippe Starck Watches at Watchismo


  1. It’s a cool looking watch, but I’d like it better if the face was in something like chartreuse or ginger.

  2. I recently spent some time at my dad’s house. He has copies of Men’s Health laying around. Read a “tip” about respect in the business world, etc. Said an expensive timepiece sets you apart (ingratiates you to stodgy old CEOs). I’d like one of those $17 Casios in the previous post. Guess I’m not meant for the business world. 

    1. Said an expensive timepiece sets you apart

      And as an added benefit, it ensures that you can never escape from the prison of material acquisitiveness! After all, if a $15,000 Patek Phillipe sets you apart, then a $150,000 tourbillon chronograph does so all the more…

    2. I dunno about ‘expensive’, but I think ‘unique’ certainly could serve that purpose. I get all kinds of questions about my Yes Zulu watch — and yea, they’re a bit expensive, but well below the thousands range and it is well constructed. I’ve had it around five years now and the only signs of wear are a few barely visible scratches on the band. Considering that the average $50 watch is unlikely to survive a year (at least for me,) it’s worth the price.

  3. A nice looking watch indeed. But horribly made! Bad quality, so look out. I bought one in May 2009 and by June 2010 it was falling apart. The leather was coming off. I tried to return it but since it was just outside the 1 year warranty they refused. Way to go Fossil!

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